The Happy Channel has FINALLY Launched!!! :)

We Have Lift-Off! 🙂

Can YOU believe it? It’s true!!! Go check it out and if you want to come back to this later, you can! 😉

How did we get here? As a quick summary for those who are just tuning in, my name is Lisa Eve and back in 2007, I felt the world needed a pick-me-up. I wanted to be of service in a way that could enlighten, encourage, inspire and lift everyone from a very low (depressing) vibration to one of accelerated growth, excitement and authentic happiness! However, in order to provide that to others, I had to be a living example! 😉

Over the past five years, I’ve had an extensive inner journey complete with a career change, a move across an ocean, several relationship & friendship changes, and even with the construct of this website, I had some setbacks, which really forced me to learn (and honor) what I need to be happy, for myself and my business. It’s been an incredible journey, and with all these learned lessons and valuable tools I’ve added to my tool belt, I can say that I’ve never been happier in my life!

With many generous contributions, a wonderful web development team, supportive friends and family, it brings me great JOY to be able to see my dream come true and deliver this gift to YOU!!!

How The Happy Channel Works…

I’m sure it would be helpful to understand and know how The Happy Channel can be of service to you, so read on!

The Happy Channel is two things; a Social Networking site and a place to feature extraordinary people like you who might otherwise be hidden in the vast world of online media.

For the Social Networking piece, you have the opportunity to connect with other happy people by creating your own profile and joining The Happy Channel Community. To be clear, this profile is unlike any other you may have seen online. While on other sites you can post about ANYTHING, on The Happy Channel, it’s all about expressing what makes you HAPPY, what makes you feel good and sharing your joy with others! This is a site about sharing and experiencing authentic happiness! Have you been on a trip recently and have some photos you’d like to share? Did you just watch a funny movie that lifted your mood? Was it a hot day yesterday and you had some ice cream with friends, family or even just by yourself? Have you danced in the rain lately? You catch my drift. 😉 If it makes you smile and feel good inside, please share!

As part of The Happy Channel Community, you can update your status, upload and share images, add links to videos you like, invite and add friends, create or join a group, create an event, vote for your favorite videos to be displayed on the homepage, start inspiring conversations on the Message Board, and share your thoughts and suggestions to help The Happy Channel be even more awesome! It’s full-service! 🙂

For the Featured piece, I have selected incredibly awesome people just like you who have talents to share in the areas of Music, Photography, Design, and Creative Writing. If you would like to be featured or know someone who needs to be featured, send me a message to and we’ll talk about it! There are additionally incredibly awesome people and businesses shared on the Links page too!

A Quick Guide to Get You Started!

I’d love for you to just browse around and play, rather than explaining everything, so here’s a quick guide to help you get started, and all of this can also be read by clicking on How THC Works in the footer of the site.

FYI: All main menu titles are clickable!

Home – Brings you to the Homepage.

Community – Where you can join our network or view your profile and recent activities.

Our Community – If you forget the main title “Community” is clickable, you have another way to join our network or view your profile and recent activites. 😉

Message Board – A place for you to share your Happy Thoughts, Suggestions or start an Inspiring Discussion!

Newsletter Signup – Do you want to receive Newsletters from The Happy Channel regarding updates? Sign up here!

The Goods – Our version of “Happy News” provided

Videos – Videos added by our members.

Our Videos – Videos added by The Happy Channel from our YouTube Channel.

Movies – Happy Movies are video clips or trailers added by The Happy Channel we think might brighten your day. Note: they are not full-length movies, but stay tuned for more information as that might be a possibility in the future.

Music – Happy Music added by The Happy Channel from various sources.

By DJ – When you click on “By DJ” you will be directed to a list of DJ’s who have been selected by The Happy Channel to be featured on the site. Click on a DJ to view a Bio, listen to sample tracks and connect to their website.

By Genre – This is a list of music by Genre. Click on the Genre you want and view the Artists or DJ’s we have listed under that Genre. You can continue to click through to listen to their music.

Photos – Photos uploaded by our members.

By Photographer/Artist – When you click on “By Photographer/Artist” you will be directed to a list of Photographers/Artists who have been selected by The Happy Channel to be featured on the site. Click on a Photographer/Artist to view their Bio, their work and connect to their website.

THC Blog – The Happy Channel has a blog on WordPress & we’ve streamed it to our site. If you’d like to read the full post, click on the title and you will be redirected to our blog on WordPress.

Guest Bloggers – These are Bloggers who have been selected by The Happy Channel to be featured on the site. You can read snippets of their blog on The Happy Channel and if you want to know more, click “read more” and you will be redirected to their Blog site. (If you would like to submit your blog to be featured on The Happy Channel, submit an email

Quotes – A list of Happy Quotes uploaded by The Happy Channel. (Got some of your own you’d like added? Send a message to

Links – This page is a portal of links to people, companies, Facebook pages and anything else The Happy Channel feels is worth sharing and could assist you on your Happy Path! Send an email to if you would like to be added to the list!

About – Who is behind The Happy Channel? Click here to find out! 😉

Go! Fly! Enjoy & Share With Your Friends! 🙂

This site is Brand Spankin’ New! Unwrap your gift and go play! And remember it’s more fun when you have people to play with, so please share this happiness with your friends!

Thanks for reading & ’til next time, HAPPY DREAMING!!! 🙂