Aspiring World Influencer

You know what it takes to reach your dreams. You’ve been working harder than anyone you know. You have put in countless hours to make your dreams a reality, yet every once in a while you stumble, just a little. And that’s normal because the life of a go-getter is one where you never give up and never see failure as an option.

How do you get back up when you fall out of balance? Are there self-defeating patterns that you repeat without understanding? Have you encountered health issues that doctors can’t seem to figure out the cause? Do you know that energy affects everything you do? As so within, will reflect out.

I want you to make an incredible impact on the world. Your life’s purpose is no small thing. You’ve been making strides and your soul has been cheering you on. Now let’s take you into your best possible operating potential.

If there is any area of your life you are still holding onto, from fear, let’s clear that.

As a Master Healer, I will work with you and your team (Higher-Self, Guides, Masters) to clear energy that is stuck, or that needs to be relocated. I will tap into what holds you back from fully stepping into your power. I will help relieve you of self-limiting beliefs, and I work to ease your pain whether it is mental, physical or emotional.

You are the core of your business, so isn’t it time you invest in yourself as much as you do for your business?

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Lisa Eve has a calming energy and a very clear and direct manner. She is able to help you go inward and draw out your best self. I had a healing session with Lisa Eve and she was able to identify a lot of pain I had stored around my solar plexus. She was able to draw it out with her hands and images of light. I felt lighter afterward and like much of the pent-up emotional pain had been purged from my body.

Kate Herbert