Just because you’re scared of your power doesn’t mean I am.

As a sensitive child, I didn’t always fit. As I became an adult, I realized I had incredible healing gifts that were transmitted to me so that I can facilitate the transformation of DNA in people, and change energetic blueprints of physical places.

I work with the top ten percent of the leaders in the world; politicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs.

My Gift to You!


Healing Audio

  • Grounding 101
    Are you just starting out on your Spiritual Journey?...
  • Good Morning
    Need a great way to start your day? In...
  • GoodNight
    Good Night!
    Clearing after your day is excellent for improving healing...
  • PreBurnoutClearout
    Pre-Burnout Clearout
    Need a quick recharge? In under 5 minutes, clear out...

One-to-One Sessions

Are you a Manifesting World Influencer?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Visionaries
  • Inventors
  • Thought Leaders
  • Entertainers
  • Diplomats
  • Presidents
Let’s talk. As a Master Healer, it is my goal to help you be in your best form so you can reach and serve more people with the most impact.
Your vibrational field influences who follows you and how people respond. When you’re not operating in resonance with your soul’s purpose, your message will be distorted. When you’re not listening to your body and taking care of yourself, you will energetically be out of balance.
Your life’s purpose is a big deal. In partnership with Spirit; I work to ease pain; whether it is mental, physical, or emotional. You are the core of your business, so isn’t it time you invest in yourself as much as you do for your business?


At the airport, I had a sudden onset of dizziness, and it was affecting me all through lunch until Lisa did a healing between the time we ordered and our food coming to the table. Haven’t had any more dizziness since!!

C.G.Soulful Spirit

For an entire trip, I was sick to my stomach. The night before I was to leave Lisa did a healing. It was like a magnet or gravitational pull. I saw images. I felt her pulling at my feet although she was behind my head. I saw leaves blow away from me. That night I went to sleep; a very deep sleep. Woke up and my stomach felt well. Like nothing was wrong. I use sleeping pills so I never really have a deep sleep. It was amazing.

S.S.Sacred Enlightened Being

Amazing what can be accomplished even in ten minutes! I'm in awe of the peace and relaxation I felt after that session. Thank you!!!

A.S.Leader Extraordinaire

Hi Lisa, this is K.F. I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me and the healing that occurred Saturday night. I feel better than I have in 12 months and I'm ready to move forward in my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

K.F.Awesome Human Being

I am extremely grateful for the work you did for me. It prepared me to be able to let go and it made the healing process easier.

E.O.Stellar Soul Searcher

A girlfriend and I had healing sessions with Lisa Eve. My girlfriend was very sick at the time and doctors had not been able to figure out what caused the extreme illness she was having. Lisa Eve’s healing hands helped my friend and she was able to narrow down where the cause of the illness was coming from. It was a very powerful experience to watch this. I was also fortunate to feel Lisa Eve’s healing touch, and after my session, I felt so much lighter and happier. Lisa Eve is an amazing and beautiful woman, inside & out! She keeps on inspiring me with her words, wisdom & positivity.

Sarina Erstad
Sarina ErstadDesigner & Owner of JOYA by Sarina
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