Email Reading

Email Readings: Have a quick question to which you’d like a quick answer? When you’re uncertain about what to do in a situation or can’t entirely trust your intuition at the moment, ask me. You’ll receive a written reply within 48 hours, and likely sooner!

*One question per email reading. You can give background to the question, as long as it does not have more than three parts.

For example, “My friend asked me to help her move, and I want to help her, but I need to take time off from work. Is it beneficial for me to take time off, or would I be better served to tell my friend no?”


“I want to move and have been considering two places. I can work from home, so I am not limited on where I can go. I have friends and family in Seattle, but I’d rather be somewhere new. Would it be better for me to be close to people I know, or go somewhere different?”


“I’ve been single a long time, and I want to ask a girl out, but I’m nervous. Her name is _______. Do you get a good vibe?”

Email Reading: $33