Hospitality Consulting

Do you desire to change your ratings on TripAdvisor? Are you in the Top 10?

I love to travel and have been doing so avidly since 2008. I am a TripAdvisor contributor with over 165,000 readers and more than 80 reviews. When traveling, I always consult TA before booking a hotel. And, if a hotel is not on the Top 10 list, I do not stay there.

Due to my love of travel, and writing (I published a book in 2015), I created Live Light & Travel – a website and blog with Hotel, Airline,  Destination and Luggage reviews, along with Travel Tips and a shop of my most frequently used products.

While traveling, I am often requested to read energy and give valuable feedback to the staff, as well as, the Owner of the hotel or GM.

Now I merge my love of healing and intuitive guidance with my love of travel to provide Hospitality Consulting.

With a stay at your property of three to five nights, I will review four main areas, which I call “SEME,” pronounced like “See Me.”

1. Service

2. Employees

3. Maintenance

4. Energetic Vibe

Near the end of my stay, I will meet with the Hotel GM, Owner or trusted Advisor to discuss which areas need improvement. I will also deliver a detailed report with next steps and tools to facilitate your ongoing growth.

For an additional fee, I am happy to hold a group session for employees on how to personally clear their energy and if need be, conduct a group healing.*

Does this sound of interest to you for your property? Please click the Book Now button below so that we can schedule a free, 25-minute consultation.

*Fees apply based on group size.