Hospitality Healing

I love to travel and have been doing so avidly since 2008. Due to my love of travel, I created Live Light & Travel – a full-service luxury travel website and blog with Hotel, Airline, Destination and Luggage reviews, along with Travel Tips.

While traveling, I am often requested to read energy and give valuable feedback to the staff, as well as the owner of the hotel or GM.
Now I merge healing and intuitive guidance with my love of travel to provide Hospitality Healing.

I am available to teach you and your staff how to clear your energy day-to-day to maximize a healthy and positive work environment. If you do not have a clearing practice in place, you need one for your peace of mind and sanity.

I am also available to provide group or individual healing sessions for you, your staff, and guests.
Wellness is not a new travel category; while businesses are banking on it being such, people are also, thankfully, waking up to the benefits of self-care. I am focused on supporting the Hospitality Industry to operate in the best way possible while providing authentic wellness offerings.

Whether you need a Property Clearing, specialized room clearings, personnel healing, and teaching, consulting on wellness offerings or would like to hire me as a temporary visiting practitioner, I am available to discuss all the possibilities.

Please click here to request a 30-minute Free Consult Call and I will be in touch shortly to schedule.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to doing business with you!