Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance Sessions are for clarity. Do you need help with a situation, person, or feeling? Are you at a cross-road in life and don’t know which way to go? Have you experienced a loss?
In a session, your team (your higher-self, Spirit Guides, and Masters) will deliver messages to me to translate for you, based on the areas of life you are requesting guidance. Sometimes your ancestors will come through with messages, including your beloved pets!

Your ability to heal expands as you open your heart.

Sessions are by phone or Skype.

30-Minute Intuitive Guidance: $100.00

60-Minute Intuitive Guidance: $200.00

Additional Options

I am available to fly around the world for in-person sessions, whether it is for you, your family, your resort, or your retreat. An initial free 30-minute consultation is required, and by appointment only. (I am happy to speak with an assistant or trusted advisor for the consult.)

Please use the Connect Form to request your consultation.*

*All travel expenses are to be paid by the client, plus the cost of the session(s).

I can honestly say that the session with Lisa Eve not only changed my life, but it has given my family and myself peace, and I will always be grateful for this. I had lost my brother while I was young and my entire family had never healed nor could I talk about him without crying. Lisa Eve was wonderful! All the things she communicated to me and my sister gave us so much peace. I have been able to put out pictures, be happy when I think of him, and I feel close with my brother now like he is always with me.