Property Clearing

Have you ever felt something funny was going on in your house that had no explanation whatsoever?

Have you ever felt your house was haunted?

Do you have a business that was doing well and all of a sudden there’s been a downturn, with no real cause?

Have you had a house on the market for an unusually long time and don’t understand why when it’s at a great price point and in a good neighborhood?

Clearing the energy of a property can make a huge difference. Energy is all around us, even if we can’t see it. We are made up of energy, and similarly, objects, and homes, and buildings retain energy footprints. Maybe there’s a ghost that needs help in transitioning to the light. Maybe an entity attached itself to the house because of the previous owners. Maybe negative energy has been directed at your business because someone is jealous of your success. Maybe your house or business was built on sacred ground.

There are many factors for why something might not feel comfortable, but you only need one. In a Property Clearing, as long as you are the energetic owner (or renter) of the property or have permission from the owner to do a Clearing, we can move forward.

I work within the Akashic Records to read, clear, and align the energy of an address.

When you are booking the session, please fill in as much information as possible on the booking form. I will contact you after the booking so we can schedule a call to verify the information you entered. The call will be 10-30 minutes. The clearing will be done remotely after our call, and I will follow-up by email.

Property Clearing: $100