You deserve to be loved, to feel love, and to share it with others. Heart openings come and go over a lifetime, depending on circumstances, events, relationships and experiences, and you can choose to heal the areas of your life that may have closed your heart. Often, negative memories will cause you to put up a wall, and this will impact your love; that you have for yourself, and who you attract for a partner. You can love yourself and attract who you desire as a partner.

Heart healing is one of the fastest ways to self-love and to your desired happiness and dream relationship.

In personal sessions, I utilize many different modalities to get to the core of your heart’s issues.

The goal is for you to feel lighter, have more peace, ease and greater overall well-being in your body.

When you don’t know who else to turn to, let’s talk.

You may choose sessions that are:

1. Over the Phone

2. On Skype – if you are outside the U.S.

3. In-Person – in Longmont, Colorado – This session will take place in your home, and I will need space for a massage table.

4. In-Person – within a 30-mile radius of Longmont, Colorado. I will drive to your location. An additional fee will apply based on driving time.

If you would like an in-person session, where I fly to you, an initial free 10-minute consultation is required, and by appointment only.* (I am happy to speak with an assistant or trusted advisor for the consult.)

Please use the Connect Form to schedule your consultation.

*All travel expenses are to be paid by the client, plus the cost of the session(s).

Ready to be in love?

The night before meeting Lisa Eve, my blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing, and I called 911. I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t hold anything in either.  When the healing work started, my body was so exhausted that I soon fell into a deep sleep but not before I literally felt energy shifting. The next morning I woke up calm, rested and felt like myself again. No racing heart, no nausea, no panic, nothing. I felt completely fine. Also, my appetite returned. Lisa Eve continued to do more healing to integrate what had been started the night before, and that day I left feeling healed, protected, happy and totally myself again. I felt taken care of, and I simply would not know what I would’ve done without this amazing woman, sister, and healer!