Manifesting Influencers, you are needed to be in your highest and best operating potential! I work to clear energetic blocks so you can reach and serve more people.

Get ready to open the gates, flip the switches, realign your energy and ensure your field is vibrating in alignment with who you are truly meant to be! Don’t give up and don’t give in, you are empowered beyond your current field of knowledge and it is time you fully rise to your purpose without apologies. When you know something is blocking you, when you can feel you are not in balance, how can you operate with integrity?

Do you find yourself repeating patterns? Do health issues keep resurfacing?

Do you want to attract different people and situations into your life?

Ancestral lineage agreements, past lives and childhood experiences do influence who you are today.

When you don’t know who else to turn to, let’s talk.

Because your time is important, I offer 25-minute and 50-minute sessions via Phone or Skype (audio) only.

If you would like an in-person experience, where I fly to you, an initial free 10-minute consultation is required, and by appointment only.* (I am happy to speak with an assistant or trusted advisor for the consult.)

*An in-person session, whether it is 50-minutes or less, or longer, starts at $5000, plus all travel expenses are to be covered by the client.

Ready to be your best self?

The night before meeting Lisa Eve, my blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing, and I called 911. I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t hold anything in either.  When the healing work started, my body was so exhausted that I soon fell into a deep sleep but not before I literally felt energy shifting. The next morning I woke up calm, rested and felt like myself again. No racing heart, no nausea, no panic, nothing. I felt completely fine. Also, my appetite returned. Lisa Eve continued to do more healing to integrate what had been started the night before, and that day I left feeling healed, protected, happy and totally myself again. I felt taken care of, and I simply would not know what I would’ve done without this amazing woman, sister, and healer!