About Lisa Eve

Hi, let’s start here: the house I grew up in was haunted. What I soon came to realize, after living in multiple locations, was this: it wasn’t the home that was haunted, it was my open light and receptivity that caused spirits to want to connect with me. Another term for this is Sensitivity. Because of this sensitivity, I spent much of my young and adolescent years enthralled by Spirit; learning to develop my psychic ability, reading books about energy, and speaking with ghosts.

Out of fear, I chose to keep my intuitive abilities quiet for many years, and in 2004 I re-emerged with a desire to be of higher service and invested in personal growth and development through multi-faceted educational programs and mentors. In 2010 I moved beyond a successful 13+ year career in Real Estate to offer intuitive and mediumship readings. While living on Maui at the time, I was invited to two radio stations to provide live on-air readings and snippets of inspiration, called “Soul Treats,” 2-minute podcasts that are still available on iTunes and this website under Freebies. Concluding these two offerings, Spirit directed me to be a channel for healing energy, and this is now my primary focus. This healing energy has helped me move through a near death experience where I “saw the light” and two additional life-threatening events. By trusting the messages I receive and hear, I have been able to clear entities, ancestral patterning, imbalanced energy that causes body pain, and heal and repair relationships with deceased loved ones.

Your happiness is important to me. You exist in this world, at this time, for a reason. In partnership with Spirit, we can manifest anything we desire, and life is meant to be enjoyed. In partnership with Spirit, I have been called to realign body systems by clearing blockages and transforming internal structures. I am also often called to visit specific locations to lay down new energetic blueprints into the land. In your session, I work with your guides and masters to deliver messages and healing as needed. I work to ease your pain; whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. Let’s heal your inner conflicts so you can remember why you are here. No more crawling through life. It is time to stand up, walk proudly and claim your existence! You are loved, and it is time.

Shining a light upon you, 

Lisa Eve

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