About Lisa Eve

Hi! Welcome! I want you to know that I appreciate your being here and wanting to know more about me. I am grateful.

Learning that I had ‘gifts’ began in young adulthood. Living in my parents’ home, I used to see and hear spirits. I saw shadows, I heard people running up the stairs, and I even called the local police one day after school when I thought there was someone in our basement.  I was freaked out and often scared to be left home alone.

To gain more knowledge, I began reading books about how to develop my psychic ability and learn how to speak with ghosts. My parents were not in resonance with these spiritual feelings I had; so I shelved it and closed down my awareness for many years.

I worked in Real Estate for most of my adult life. Leasing, Sales, Property Management; this was my career, and I loved being of service to tenants and finding solutions to help them enjoy their home. Still, something was missing. I wanted to provide more, to do more, and I felt I was supposed to be working on a larger scale, helping millions of people.

In 2010, I was working with a Spiritual Teacher who said even though Real Estate was a fit, she saw me more as a Coach and Teacher. That completely resonated with me, and I set off to become a Life Coach, which led to taking a class about Angels, which led to re-opening of my Mediumship gifts, which led to healing. As I followed the path of my heart, and what called me internally, more and more became revealed, and as I learned, I grew. As I grew, I learned.

I didn’t take a particular class to do the healing work currently offered. One day while living on Maui, I received the message that I was going to do healing. I asked a friend if I could “test” this to be true, she agreed and said she felt better after the session. And that’s how my healing practice began.

I followed my intuition and opportunities became available. I’ve been blessed to share my gifts with hundreds if not thousands of people through the radio waves on Maui. “Soul Treats” podcasts are 2-minute segments I created for another radio station on Maui, and are available on this website under Freebies. A local Maui TV program interviewed me for a show. It was also while on Maui that I genuinely felt happy for the first time in my life, and was able to create and launch The Happy Channel – a place for all things #Happy!

I invite you to explore and have a look around. If my speaking resonates with you, and you feel in your heart you were led here for a reason, trust it. I am here for you when you feel called.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a blessed life!

Shining a light upon you, 

Lisa Eve

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