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About Lisa Eve

Lisa Eve learned she had ‘gifts’ in young adulthood when she saw and heard spirits in her parents’ home. Often feeling afraid of what she experienced, she read books to learn how to speak with ghosts and develop her psychic ability. Around the same time, Lisa Eve also took interest in medical-related computer games and programs. Unfortunately, the first time she had a deep flesh wound, she passed out at first sight of her blood and gave up the thought of becoming a doctor. With increasing fear of ghosts and lack of psychic support, she shelved her spiritual education for more than twenty years.

Many years into adulthood, and with a successful career in Real Estate, Lisa Eve still yearned for more. Seeking to grow personally, she set out on a path to reawaken her spirit in 2004, which became the launch pad for a new career in Spiritual Services. With more than 20 courses completed in a variety of fields, Lisa Eve’s personal life experiences combined with her studies, led to client offerings in the areas of NLP, Sound Healing, Mediumship, Intuitive Coaching, Property & Land Clearings, Angel Card Readings, and Spiritual Healing.

Mastery of healing is an on-going process. In connection with Spirit, and through higher-self soul guidance, Lisa Eve has survived an NDE (near-death experience), severe poisoning, heart attacks, a venomous spider bite, and other life-threatening illnesses. Her commitment to providing excellent service has earned her appearances on television and radio. Ultimately, her passion is to help each client feel at ease, feel relief and have peace of mind when their session is complete.

May your path shine brilliantly, and all ailments healed.

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