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Hi! A little bit about me…

I learned I had ‘gifts’ in young adulthood when I saw and heard spirits in my parents’ home. Often feeling afraid of what I experienced, I read books to learn how to speak with ghosts and develop my psychic ability. Around the same time, I also took an interest in medical-related computer games and programs. Unfortunately, the first time I had a deep flesh wound and passed out at first sight of my blood, I gave up the thought of becoming a medical doctor. With increasing fear of ghosts and lack of psychic support, I shelved my spiritual education for more than twenty years.

Many years into adulthood, and with a successful career in Real Estate, I still yearned for more. Seeking to grow personally, I set out on a path to reawakening my spirit in 2004, which became the launchpad for a new career in Spiritual Services. With more than 20 courses completed in a variety of fields, my personal life experiences combined with my studies, led to client offerings in the areas of NLP, Sound Healing, Mediumship, Intuitive Coaching, Property & Land Clearings, Angel Card Readings, and Spiritual Healing.

Mastery of healing is an ongoing process. In connection with Spirit, and through higher-self soul guidance, I have survived a near-death experience (I saw the light!), severe poisoning, heart attacks, a venomous spider bite, and other life-threatening illnesses. My commitment to providing excellent service has earned me appearances in print, on television, and on radio. Ultimately, my passion is to help each client feel at ease, feel relief and have peace of mind when their session is complete.

May your path shine brilliantly, and all ailments healed.

In love,
Lisa Eve

Some fun stuff…

When did you start your Spiritual work?

I initiated my Spiritual Reawakening in 2004 when I was done with feeling unfulfilled and sad all the time. Many personal growth classes later, I branched out on my own in 2010. Before my endeavors with Spiritual Services, my primary focus was with all-things Real Estate!

Where was my first real job?

Does a Camp Counselor-in-Training count? 🙂
After that, my first gig was at the campus copy center while I was in college.

How do you relieve stress?

Dancing, traveling, laying on a beach in warm sunshine, going for a walk, deep breathing. 

Daily morning routine?

I start the morning with prayers, journal my dreams, stretching, breakfast, and then it’s full-on with my projects!

How do you define success?

Waking up, having many things to be grateful for, being playful and lighthearted, feeling love within, and enjoying being of service.

Would you rather go to space or the bottom of the ocean?

Space! Space Camp is one of my favorite movies! I often look up at the stars and planets and have conversations! 😉

Fave places you ever visited?

I loved my time on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, and I’m also an avid traveler to Jamaica, Mexico, the Maldives, and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few. 

Greatest Accomplishments?

Living in Hawai’i, creating The Happy Channel®, launching Spiritual Services, writing a book, traveling as much as I have, and being alive to talk story in 2021; there’s so much!!