+ Do you have employees who drag their feet to work?

+ Do you have the problem of bringing work home with you and letting it destroy your evening?

+ Do you find yourself irritated by angry guests long after they’ve left your property?

+ Have you had difficulty in booking rooms even though they are clean and beautiful?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, let’s talk.

Hospitality Healing™ is a service that combines healing modalities with consulting and education.

I am focused on supporting the Hospitality Industry to operate in the best way possible while providing authentic wellness offerings.

It is a service to help you and your staff be in the best alignment for your best profit. The way to achieve success is not just about a great product. Integrity is essential, too. So how do you achieve alignment with integrity? It starts with you.

I am an Energy Master Healer and a Luxury Travel Advisor. I launched Live Light & Travel – a full-service luxury travel website and blog with Hotel, Airline, Destination, and Luggage Reviews and Travel Tips in 2016.

I love to travel and have been doing so avidly since I was a teenager. I go where guided to travel and often provide healing for staff, though I find this happens once I arrive at a location. The assessment of a property includes empathetic feeling.
I offer room clearings, personnel healing, teaching, and consulting on authentic services. I can also be a temporary visiting practitioner.
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I appreciate your interest, and I look forward to doing business with you!