+ Do you have employees who drag their feet to work?

+ Do you have the problem of bringing work home with you and letting it destroy your evening?

+ Do you find yourself irritated by angry guests long after they’ve left your property?

+ Have you had difficulty in booking rooms even though they are clean and beautiful?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, let’s talk.

Hospitality Healing™ is a service that combines healing modalities with consulting and education. I am focused on supporting the Hospitality Industry to operate in the best way possible while providing authentic wellness offerings.
It is a service to help you and your staff be in the best alignment for your best profit. The way to achieve success is not just about a great product. Integrity is important, too. How do you achieve alignment with integrity? It starts with you.

As an Energy Master Healer, I travel to heal and I heal while traveling. Due to my love of travel, I created and launched Live Light & Travel – a full-service luxury travel website and blog with Hotel, Airline, Destination, and Luggage reviews, along with Travel Tips in 2016.

I know when a property needs to be cleansed, energetically. I know when an employee is seething behind their smile. I feel when practices are out of alignment with offerings. Don’t make it just about your bottom line. Enjoy where you work, and your guests will continue to come back for more!

Whether you need a Property Clearing, specialized room clearings, personnel healing, and teaching, consulting on wellness offerings, or would like to hire me as a temporary visiting practitioner, I am available to discuss all the possibilities.

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Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to doing business with you!