May your journey here be a smooth one. When it is not, and you are searching for answers, may I help you in some way. 

How are you able to do healing sessions remotely?

It’s all energy. When I perform an Intuitive Session, I am working with your energy, as your higher-self allows, and I can receive the information whether I am in front of you or thousands of miles away. The same happens in a remote healing session. When you agree to do the session, your energy field invites me to work with you, and I deliver as guided. 

What type of healing do you do?

I channel multi-dimensional and higher-frequency energy. I work with my Spirit team and yours to deliver what your body and soul need and agree to receive. It is not Reiki.

How do I prepare for a healing session?

Be sober for at least 24 hours before the session. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed, and take a few deep inhalations and exhalations through your mouth to help your body relax.

What do I need to know after a healing session?

The energy is quite powerful and you will likely feel a shift immediately if you are awake, or upon rising from a nap or sleep. In most cases, you will feel clearer, lighter, and more peaceful. There is a possibility that your body may initiate a detox, a form of renewal to support the healing. Be sure to drink lots of water, maybe with some electrolytes, and take Vitamin C.

What benefits can I expect to receive from a Healing Session?

While every body is different and will require support in different ways, the most common benefits my clients’ experience are feeling lighter, clearer, more peaceful, at ease, free of pain or lessened pain, and better sleep.

Do you offer Intuitive Sessions by phone?

Not at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Why do I need a Property Clearing?

You have distinct energy. Your soul vibrates in a certain way to help you live and enjoy life. What happens when you live or work with someone who vibrates differently? Your energy may be affected. The same goes for property dwellings and land. Clearing your home or business’s energy can benefit and have a positive impact on your energy and everyone who enters.

Do you offer Property Clearing Packages for Realtors?

I will be offering a Referral Program soon! Please keep checking back, or send me a message through the Connect page! Thank you!