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“Walk lightly on the earth and live in harmony with yourself.” – Lisa Eve

I love to travel, and it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a child, I would run off in search of adventure! For ten years, I traveled much of the world solo and started a travel blog to document my favorite places, review luggage, and support other travelers with guidance and advice on how to enjoy the journey best!

To further my best possible outcome while traveling, I chose to become a Travel Advisor; though not just for me, it’s also to help you choose the best possible places to stay based on your energy and level of activity. As an Energy Master, I can serve you by fitting a place that complements your needs and supports your highest well-being. My expertise is working with Single Women who want to feel safe and pampered and Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to play, relax, and host retreats!
Let me help you by organizing all the minute details so you can focus on the retreat itself!

Even though there are boundaries to traveling the world, you can still find time to relax and nurture your soul and body. When you are ready to do so, contact me! And, don’t forget to ask me how to VIP Yourself!

By working with me, you will save time and money, receive exclusive perks and amenities, and experience peace of mind and less stress!

  • Receive exclusive perks and amenities such as:
    Room upgrades, Daily included breakfast for two, Spa credits, and more!
  • Receive a custom itinerary for your trip that is accessible on your phone wherever you are!
  • Need help while on your trip? Assistance is just a call or text away!

*Fees start at $100 per person. Additional fees apply for excursions and special requests.

Visit for more information.