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Welcome! I am clear you have a purpose here on Earth, and firstly, it is to love yourself more, and deeply. You are a gift to the world, and let’s expand that beautiful heart of yours so that you can live more present, and happily.

So, how do you want to heal today?

One-to-One Sessions

Love Body Healing

  • Do you want to feel lighter?
  • Feel less anxious?
  • Sleep better?
As a channel for Higher Dimension beings, I move energy in your body so you can have more peace, ease and feel freer. Love Body Healing sessions are performed in-person, and remotely.

Property Clearing

  • Experiencing weird things in your home?
  • Having difficulty selling your home?
Noticing strange things happening in your home that is not normal for you? Or, are you a Realtor having difficulty selling a property? Clearing the energy can help. This service is done remotely.

Intuitive Guidance

  • Do you want answers to your most pressing questions?
  • Do you need guidance around a relationship?
  • Are you feeling uncertain about your life’s path?
Intuitive sessions are to help guide you in areas of your life where you feel unbalanced or for which you would like clarity. Intuitive sessions are by phone.

Email Reading

  • Short on time?
  • Need validation quickly?
  • Unsure of a situation?
If you are in need of some immediate guidance, for a quick yes or no question, book an email reading. I will give you a detailed reply within 48 hours.


Lisa's long-distance work was phenomenal. I experienced a deep physical transformation that led to a very relaxed focus space. My body felt elevated and exhilarated while at the same time, calm and ready for action. This perfect balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system had a delightful affect the rest of my evening. I would highly recommend her work to support your well-being.

L.G.Brain Specialist

Lisa's work is phenomenal! I feel clear-headed every time she works on me! I feel at peace, more grounded, and connected to every part of my being. Thank you, Lisa Eve, for all the amazing work you've put into me and my healing. I love working with Lisa! She's fantastic, and everyone can benefit from her work! Thank you again, Lisa!

Erica Osborn
Erica OsbornPeaceful Feet: Foot Zoning Therapist

At the airport, I had a sudden onset of dizziness, and it was affecting me all through lunch until Lisa did a healing between the time we ordered and our food coming to the table. Haven’t had any more dizziness since!!

C.G.Soulful Spirit

For an entire trip, I was sick to my stomach. The night before I was to leave Lisa did a healing. It was like a magnet or gravitational pull. I saw images. I felt her pulling at my feet although she was behind my head. I saw leaves blow away from me. That night I went to sleep; a very deep sleep. Woke up and my stomach felt well. Like nothing was wrong. I use sleeping pills so I never really have a deep sleep. It was amazing.

S.S.Sacred Enlightened Being

Amazing what can be accomplished even in ten minutes! I'm in awe of the peace and relaxation I felt after that session. Thank you!!!

A.S.Leader Extraordinaire

Hi Lisa, this is K.F. I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me and the healing that occurred Saturday night. I feel better than I have in 12 months and I'm ready to move forward in my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

K.F.Awesome Human Being
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