Spiritual Healing Sessions are distance channeled energy attunements. With Higher Dimensional Guides directing me, I move, clear, and align energy throughout your body and auric field. This will assist in removing anything that may be blocking your heart and your ability to feel love within.
I received these gifts organically in 2011. This is another form of energy healing and is different from Reiki.
The energy channeled is palpable, so you will want to be stationary, possibly laying down, and undisturbed for the session in a distance healing.
Please see below for Q&A and to learn about the benefits of this special and unique Spiritual Healing.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to clear in ways you never knew existed!

FYI: All sessions are remote. Once you have completed your booking, I will email you to find a time to do the session. You will not need to be on the phone or zoom during the session.


Choose what is best for you!


Sample Love

You will receive as much healing as your body can handle, up to 30 minutes. 

+ Best for first-time clients
+ Single Remote Session



Full Body Love

You will receive 30-60 minutes of healing.

+ When you know you need more support
+ Single session that may be split into two sections
+ Remote Session



VIP Body Love

You will receive healing as needed, once a month for six months!

+ Providing the best possible outcome during stressful times
+ Send an email when you need a session
+ Healing lasts 30-60 minutes per session



Does remote healing work?

Yes! It’s energy! When you give me permission to provide healing, my guides, and yours, will allow me to tune into your energy field and body. Whether you are standing in front of me, or in another location, the energy is transmitted. 

How do I prepare for my session?

+ No alcohol or drugs for at least 24 hours before and after your session. A clear mind and body will be the best receivers to get the most out of the session. 
+ If we have arranged a time that is during the day, please be somewhere quiet and undisturbed for the entire duration.
+ It is advised not to be driving or operating heavy machinery during the session.
+ Breathe. On the day of, take five deep breaths, in and out through your mouth to help relax your body. (This is a great practice to do every morning upon waking, too!) 

What will I feel?

It depends. Each client reports something different. If you are awake, you may feel the energy moving throughout your body. If you are asleep, you will likely wake up feeling refreshed or lighter. If you have any pain, it will likely be lessened or eliminated.*

*Each client is different. Your body will let me know how much healing it can receive in one session. In some cases, one session can be separated into two so that your body can integrate what is needed. Please know that even if you don’t feel anything, you are still receiving healing. 

What are the benefits?

While every body is different, the most common benefits include:
+ Feeling less or no pain
+ Feeling lighter
+ Feeling more at peace
+ Feeling calmer and at ease
+ Clearer thoughts
+ Better sleep


Are there side effects?

The healing will be immediate and powerful. I am only guided to provide healing as much as your body can handle. There are instances when you may feel your body releasing toxins. Even if you feel fine, please drink more water than normal, and support your body with Vitamin C (and/or electrolytes) for three days after the session. *Please note, I am not a medical doctor. This guidance is from a higher source.

How often do I need healing?

It is best for you to decide how often you would like to receive healing. In these times, with surmounting anxiety around the world, you may be experiencing higher than average dissonance. If you feel stressed most days, consider the VIP Love Body package that offers a healing once a month for six months.

The night before meeting Lisa Eve, my blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing, and I called 911. I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t hold anything in either.  When the healing work started, my body was so exhausted that I soon fell into a deep sleep but not before I literally felt energy shifting. The next morning I woke up calm, rested, and felt like myself again. No racing heart, no nausea, no panic, nothing. I felt completely fine. Also, my appetite returned. Lisa Eve continued to do more healing to integrate what had been started the night before, and that day I left feeling healed, protected, happy, and totally myself again. I felt taken care of, and I would not know what I would’ve done without this amazing woman, sister, and healer!



Additional Options

Once the borders open and we can travel safely again, I am available to fly around the world for in-person sessions, whether it is for you, your family, your resort, or your retreat. An initial free 30-minute consultation is required, and by appointment only. (I am happy to speak with an assistant or trusted advisor for the consult.)
Please use the Contact Form to request your consultation.*

*All travel expenses are to be paid by the client, plus the cost of the session(s).