Lisa's long-distance work was phenomenal. I experienced a deep physical transformation that led to a very relaxed focus space. My body felt elevated and exhilarated while at the same time, calm and ready for action. This perfect balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system had a delightful affect the rest of my evening. I would highly recommend her work to support your well-being.

L.G.Brain Specialist

Lisa's work is phenomenal! I feel clear-headed every time she works on me! I feel at peace, more grounded, and connected to every part of my being. Thank you, Lisa Eve, for all the amazing work you've put into me and my healing. I love working with Lisa! She's fantastic, and everyone can benefit from her work! Thank you again, Lisa!

Erica Osborn
Erica OsbornPeaceful Feet: Foot Zoning Therapist

At the airport, I had a sudden onset of dizziness, and it was affecting me all through lunch until Lisa did a healing between the time we ordered and our food coming to the table. Haven’t had any more dizziness since!!

C.G.Soulful Spirit

For an entire trip, I was sick to my stomach. The night before I was to leave Lisa did a healing. It was like a magnet or gravitational pull. I saw images. I felt her pulling at my feet although she was behind my head. I saw leaves blow away from me. That night I went to sleep; a very deep sleep. Woke up and my stomach felt well. Like nothing was wrong. I use sleeping pills so I never really have a deep sleep. It was amazing.

S.S.Sacred Enlightened Being

Amazing what can be accomplished even in ten minutes! I'm in awe of the peace and relaxation I felt after that session. Thank you!!!

A.S.Leader Extraordinaire

Hi Lisa, this is K.F. I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me and the healing that occurred Saturday night. I feel better than I have in 12 months and I'm ready to move forward in my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

K.F.Awesome Human Being

I am extremely grateful for the work you did for me. It prepared me to be able to let go and it made the healing process easier.

E.O.Stellar Soul Searcher

The night before meeting Lisa Eve, my blood pressure was sky high, my heart was racing, and I called 911. I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t hold anything in either.  When the healing work started, my body was so exhausted that I soon fell into a deep sleep but not before I literally felt energy shifting. The next morning I woke up calm, rested and felt like myself again. No racing heart, no nausea, no panic, nothing. I felt completely fine. Also, my appetite returned. Lisa Eve continued to do more healing to integrate what had been started the night before, and that day I left feeling healed, protected, happy and totally myself again. I felt taken care of, and I simply would not know what I would’ve done without this amazing woman, sister, and healer!

S.D.Gifted & Talented Spiritualpreneur

A girlfriend and I had healing sessions with Lisa Eve. My girlfriend was very sick at the time and doctors had not been able to figure out what caused the extreme illness she was having. Lisa Eve’s healing hands helped my friend and she was able to narrow down where the cause of the illness was coming from. It was a very powerful experience to watch this. I was also fortunate to feel Lisa Eve’s healing touch, and after my session, I felt so much lighter and happier. Lisa Eve is an amazing and beautiful woman, inside & out! She keeps on inspiring me with her words, wisdom & positivity.

Sarina Erstad
Sarina ErstadDesigner & Owner of JOYA by Sarina

Lisa Eve has a calming energy and a very clear and direct manner. She is able to help you go inward and draw out your best self. I had a healing session with Lisa Eve and she was able to identify a lot of pain I had stored around my solar plexus. She was able to draw it out with her hands and images of light. I felt lighter afterward and like much of the pent-up emotional pain had been purged from my body."

Kate Herbert
Kate HerbertSr. Director, Exchange & Platform Services at Twitter

I can honestly say that the session with Lisa Eve not only changed my life, but it has given my family and myself peace, and I will always be grateful for this. I had lost my brother while I was young and my entire family had never healed nor could I talk about him without crying. Lisa Eve was wonderful! All the things she communicated to me and my sister gave us so much peace. I have been able to put out pictures, be happy when I think of him, and I feel close with my brother now like he is always with me.

C.B.Family Healer

So often I get caught up in day-to-day worries, fears, and nonsense that distracts me from what truly matters...being at peace with myself and trusting my intuition for decision making to follow my dreams. I often hear Lisa Eve's good advice in the back of my head when I feel overwhelmed. During a session, she mentioned that I have nothing to worry about, that although my childhood may have been difficult at times, I have crossed a line and didn't need to look back...that made me feel safe. Lisa Eve inspires me to believe in my dreams and to pursue them, and I'm thankful to have her in my life. Lisa Eve is an honest, open-hearted person who truly cares about others happiness.

Angelina Hills Ribet
Angelina Hills RibetPhotographer & Entrepreneur

I have been blessed with the opportunity to have several sessions with Lisa Eve. With each one, I received great clarity and a renewed sense of excitement and purpose. She gave me the boost to make deeply meaningful life changes. Each connection with Lisa Eve provided the perfect message for where I was and what I needed at that time of my awakening and growth on my path. Regardless of the way in which we connected, the depth, meaningfulness, and love were always the same. Lisa's purity, love, light, humor, and deep connection are amazing, you just want to be in her presence and soak her up, and you innately know she is sharing the Divine truth.


Lisa Eve is a one of a kind. She has both feet planted in the luxurious sands, grasses, waters, and muds on this planet while her fingertips reach into the heavens above acting as antennas for the reception of spiritual messages from the great beyond. Yet at the same time, she gracefully leaps across the globe ever-increasing her innate ability to connect and broaden her intuitive skills on the nature of being human. Knowing that we are all one with the purpose of one thing: to love and be loved. She is natural beauty inside and out. She is almost unnaturally in tune. A kind, loving, open hearted goddess. She inspires many to live happily from a place of peace and love. A gifted and talented woman in all that she does. I feel honored to know her.

Katie Love
Katie LovePhotographer

Lisa Eve is a bold, adventurous spirit who showers the world with love and wisdom. Her diverse life experiences equip her to share incredible insight into our inner workings, as well as invaluable tips on how to navigate the world, literally and figuratively. She bridges the physical, emotional and spiritual planes with such grace and fluidity that you’re at once enthralled, intrigued, and empowered. A brighter light shines on my path since connecting with her.

Amy Stoehr
Amy StoehrReal Estate Trainer & Executive Coach

Lisa Eve inspires me because she is a fearless traveler. Not just on the physical terrain, though it is pretty amazing how she conquers the globe in search of new adventures and experiences. But it is in the emotional, psychological and spiritual realms where I have been able to witness her courage. She faces every fear and every emotion without flinching. She is ceaselessly exploring her own inner terrain to try to be the most present, honest, conscious person of integrity. She always bravely speaks her truth fully no matter how hard it is. I feel so honored to have crossed paths with Lisa Eve.

Laura Lee
Laura LeeSpiritual Counselor

Lisa Eve is a soulful, enlightened woman who has supported me in loving, positive guidance. She is a wonderful example of a Spiritual being having a human experience, and is honest about her own soul journey-which I value above all else.

Jill Boylan
Jill Boylan

Lisa Eve is a bright intuitive spiritual soul who has a "knowing" about things others just pass by. She is a forward thinking woman who has got it right. As part of the massive shift humanity has begun, she is in tune to understand our focus should be on celebrating all that God has provided us for free. The world welcomes her positive energy, love and light to encourage all to be happier.

Arethia P.

Lisa Eve was one of the first people I met in college. Even then, Lisa Eve had an air of ancient wisdom about her, a sense that she just knew what the right path was: not only for herself but for those around her as well. It's been great to see how she's developed that innate power over the years into a life that she has used to help so many others. I am one of many people who is better off for knowing her.

Ron Yavnieli
Ron YavnieliCreator of DreamworksTV's "Gorillaville", Los Angeles CA

I immediately had a sense of peace and security from Lisa Eve. Her intuition and  state of being is one that simply lends itself to a feeling of joy and awareness.

Courtney Abrams
Courtney AbramsHealth Coach & Owner at Roslyn Wellness