Thank you to the women who allow me to call you sis or my sister, as that is how I feel even if we fight like sisters sometimes too. I see you as my sister, sometimes as my female counterpart when I can only feel my masculine energy. I need you occasionally to see myself, that I’m not alone, and the power of our femininity.

I know I am a strong woman, a queen, and I see that within you too.
I also see that I trigger you, especially when I call you sis or a sister, and you don’t feel that way because we are not close or I am not the same skin tone, yet I will still stand in and know that I am and always will be your sister.

To my brothers, yes, I have many. I noticed that you don’t always feel like I am your sister; I sense you feel betrayed when I call you my brother or tell you I am your sister because of the same distance or skin tone barrier that you may not let me in.

We are here to help one another. Sometimes it takes a long time to see and feel that. When it’s your turn, you will know.

(Image by Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)