Don’t Give Up! 5 Tips to Help You When Life Feels Hard

Life can be hard. Being alive right now is no easy task and it can feel utterly overwhelming at times. I get it – why many people choose to settle for the mundane, repetitive, just-getting-by, half-happy life. For many, that may be easier than stretching beyond comfort zones when you know lessons will still come.
Especially in these times which are radically changing, and we are experiencing extreme highs and lows, you may wonder why you are here, what is your purpose in life, and how to get through to the next day.

As creator of The Happy Channel and author of The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, I still don’t have all the answers, yet there are little things I practice that help me get through rough times. Because I have icky moments too. We all have them. No one is immune to learning lessons or being uncomfortable. So here’s 5 things I like to do to stay sane when going through a rough patch.

  1. Speak with an advisor. You do not walk this path alone, because you are not alone. Aside from our Angels and Guides watching over us, we live in a world with billions of people. For a reason. I speak with a Spiritual Advisor as often as needed because receiving help is nice. Also, having another perspective can widen the tunnel vision beyond what you initially thought possible.
  2. Be grateful for things, big and small. I may not have a home that feels like a sanctuary yet, and I’m still grateful to have a home. When I can’t sleep, I’m grateful I have a bed. When I have big milestone moments – and dreams I’ve had for years come true, I am grateful. When it’s sunny out, I am grateful. Waking up let’s me know I have another opportunity – to heal, to have fun, to rest, whatever I want. The key is I’m alive, so I’m grateful for that.
  3. Clean. Cleaning your home will clear energy. When I clean, not only does it smell nice, it enables me to enjoy more areas that I may initially choose not to occupy because of the mess. And chances are, once you clean one area of your life, other areas will be easier to tackle and you may feel happier.
  4. Watch uplifting movies. Vegging out and watching a funny or light-hearted movie will: 1) Pass the time, and 2) Put your attention elsewhere. Sometimes when I’m traveling and feel sad, I’ll rent a movie so that I’m not focusing on my sadness, and it helps. Sometimes I’ll go into a “movie trance” and when it’s over I feel like I escaped for a little while. It’s a good break.
  5. Go for a walk. Walking in nature can clear so much energy and when I walk the beach, it is definitely a form of meditation. So instead of sitting in one place with my eyes closed, “trying” to find peace and clarity, a walk gets me out into fresh air and usually gives me the peace of mind I crave. At the very least I get to commune with the world around me and connect with the animals.

You are not alone. I repeat this often in my teachings because there are SO many people here to help you. Pray for assistance if you need it. Your happiness is deserved and life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t give up!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and keep on truckin’!