Sisters & Brothers: Thank You

Sisters & Brothers: Thank You

Thank you to the women who allow me to call you sis or my sister, as that is how I feel even if we fight like sisters sometimes too. I see you as my sister, sometimes as my female counterpart when I can only feel my masculine energy. I need you occasionally to see myself, that I’m not alone, and the power of our femininity.

I know I am a strong woman, a queen, and I see that within you too.
I also see that I trigger you, especially when I call you sis or a sister, and you don’t feel that way because we are not close or I am not the same skin tone, yet I will still stand in and know that I am and always will be your sister.

To my brothers, yes, I have many. I noticed that you don’t always feel like I am your sister; I sense you feel betrayed when I call you my brother or tell you I am your sister because of the same distance or skin tone barrier that you may not let me in.

We are here to help one another. Sometimes it takes a long time to see and feel that. When it’s your turn, you will know.

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Take a Step Back to Empower Yourself

Take a Step Back to Empower Yourself

When I take a step back, it’s not back in time.
It’s more of stepping away from the situation, conversation, or experience.
My joy is in my heart. When I’m not feeling joy, what can I see when I step back? What perspective can I gain by being an outsider?
Where can I distill the shades of green, blue, and black?
What parts of me am I missing when joy is not involved?
Who can see better than me what’s best/right/joyful for me?
A joyous outcome does not serve if it’s not rooted in love.
Taking a step back gives me clarity. Presence.
And then, I can reintegrate and bring the fullness of me forward into the light of day where there are yellows, oranges, and greens, colors that shine lighter than the dark hues that once filled my space and denied me access to joy. It’s in the dark I see the light. It’s when I step back that I can see the bigger picture of my soul.
Empowering yourself is embodying your power. It’s in you, and has been there all along.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to do you. Do not let anyone describe the difference between what’s right and wrong for you. Sometimes it takes more than a few run-ins with dark shades of green, blue and black to arrive at your light. Do not let that deter you. Hold the key in your dominant hand. Push the door open with your other hand or body, and know that you deserve to step forward. You deserve to be in the new space you created for yourself. You deserve to be.
Step back, and see.

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Mental Illness: What it is and What it is Not

Mental Illness: What it is and What it is Not

Let’s talk “mental illness.”
This is a subset of issues and problems passed from one generation to another, combined with modern day teachings. You are not crazy. You HAVE, unfortunately, taken on the beliefs and fears of others.
Many people diagnosed with a disorder are actually brilliant people who have not had an outlet or understanding of their unique gifts.
OCD is NOT a thing. ADD, too. Wanting to keep your home clean is healthy, and it keeps the energy clear. Have less stuff with less attachment, and there’s less to clean.
It is normal to be distracted. If you experienced trauma when you were young and repeated a cycle as you grew, you are likely to be distracted (on purpose) by something or someone all the time. It’s a coping mechanism. Add to it all the distractions of social media, magazines pushing you to be someone else, and the innumerable drugs meant to make you “less crazy.” There’s a recipe for depression and feeling like you can’t take it anymore.
But you can. You are here because you can.

People, government people, some with good intentions, some under the gun (literally and figuratively), some under a spell, have needed to find a way to label us. If we can find a way to put each other down, be better than one another, and compete, then their work is done. They sit back and watch in amusement while we berate each other and cause havoc on our bodies with all this newfound stress and “disorders.” Where is the love in all of this? We are open to attack if we do not love each other or ourselves. Often we are blind-sighted, and this creates a feeling of unworthiness. Love is within us already, yet judgment clouds it. We are often weighed down by the opinions of others and let them lead our lives instead of taking back the reigns of our sovereignty.

I’ve asked myself, and others in the past, who created “Cancer?” The big C. Who was the person who said, “this person has Cancer, and this word/disease can kill.” Where did it start?
Who started the rumor?

Yes, we have stress, and unsurmountable levels of stress can cause dis-ease in our finely tuned bodies if we are not equipped with how to release the fear, the negativity, and programmed thoughts of others, that we have, for one reason or another, taken on as our own.

By the way, you are here for a reason. You know what you are doing, even if you can’t relate at this time. You are here to teach us. You are here to learn.

It is our divine right to experience joy more than pain. It is our divine right to experience love more than fear.
It may take some of us a few spins on the merry-go-round before we realize just how brilliant and capable we are and that we chose to be here.
Spirit and Soul have a body navigating this lifetime.
Have I lost you? Too far out?

I wrote a book, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, and it mainly was channeled (bringing forth information from a higher source and realm), and I filled in the book with some personal examples of how I’m learning, just like you, to navigate this life. I’ve stumbled, I’ve cried, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been angry, I’ve cursed, as in using expletive language, although, when I was younger and a rebel, sure, it’s possible I’ve wanted to harm others as they’ve done to me in the past. Sometimes that felt good, and others, not at all. Because deep down, and in my heart, I know that’s not who I am. And you know that too.

Your heart wants to experience pure joy. It feels authentically good and has a longer shelf life than the immediate satisfaction of being vengeful.

I digress. I started this post as an ode to mental illness. Well, it’s not really an ode, as it’s not deserving of such a warm embrace.
And that’s how I want you to look at your negative feelings, thoughts, and fears.

It may take some work, some help from others if you need it, to regain your balance. I’ve needed help in the past, so don’t think you are unworthy of receiving support, nor feel ashamed. The best thing we can do on this journey is to forgive ourselves. Over, and over, and over, when you need it.

I forgive myself for choosing this life, as it has felt insanely hard, yet I know I have a purpose here. Therefore, I dedicate myself to healing the parts where I have neglected myself so that I can experience a lighter, more complimentary, balanced path.
You got this. We all got this. It’s just that some of us are ready now to live differently than in the past. Wherever you are, though, is okay because it’s YOUR life. It’s YOUR path. Your Soul and Spirit have a plan.
So, next time someone talks about mental illness, if this post resonated with you, you will know what to let go of and what to believe in for yourself and going forward.😉

All the best, and with blessings for the life you’ve dreamed of,
Lisa Eve

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What To Do When You’re Not Feeling “IT”+ 5 Tips to be Loving with Yourself

What To Do When You’re Not Feeling “IT”+ 5 Tips to be Loving with Yourself

Life is tough. At least, that’s what we hear and feel. Especially around holidays, when families clash over their ideas of what’s ‘right,’ or when we as individuals want what we want and are not willing to be considerate of others.

The last few years have brought people to divide and conquer. Conquer who and what, though? I experienced people being rude, manipulative, and inconsiderate, amongst other derogatory words. And they have affected me. Sometimes, I’m not feeling “it.” It can be love, joy, or feeling good about oneself. As much as I practice being unconditionally loving, the truth is, being unconditionally loving starts with myself first. So, when I encounter these people, I exhibit strength by standing up for myself. I say something when it’s on my chest, in my throat, and raging in my mind. Being loving means, you treat yourself with love. It does not mean you need to let people hurt you. Sometimes, if I feel unsafe, I retreat instead of saying something.

Of course, it’s also good to know when it is *really* hurt and not just that someone didn’t give you what you wanted. Ego will step in and convince you to demand what is yours. But what is truly YOURS?
Here’s an incident that occurred to explain the difference.
Somebody wanted something I had, and rather than directly ask for it, this person thought about how to manipulate me to give her what she wanted. And I didn’t succumb to her manipulation, so she got angry and resentful. And when I called her on it, she said she was trying to be nice rather than be honest.
So her ego said she deserved something that she thought was rightfully hers to have, and her ego also convinced her that the only way to have it was by being manipulative.

Being loving comes naturally to us; we don’t have to “TRY” to love someone, especially when it’s authentic.
The same applies to being nice. If you have to force a smile to say hello to someone or find ways to be nice when you don’t want to, that’s inauthentic and all EGO. It doesn’t feel good, either.

So, what do you do when someone’s EGO speaks to you, and your EGO wants to fight back?
1. You breathe. Take five slow and deep breaths and let some energy go.
2. You ask yourself, is it worth it for me to say something?
3. If you know you have to say something, from where is the speaking coming? Is it your heart? Your mind?

When a stranger does something to offend you personally, i.e., they say something directly to you, they damage your personal belongings, do you say something or let the rage build and take it out on someone else?
If you say something, do you curse? Do you physically harm the other person? Do you threaten? There are ways to speak up for yourself without being violent.
Can you walk away from a stranger? Can you walk away from pettiness? Where do you draw the line regarding respecting yourself and letting negativity go?

When you know someone who violates your boundaries, you ask the same question; do you say something, or do you let the rage build and take it out on someone else? Or worse, not say anything until time has passed and then blow up when it becomes too big to handle?
There are ways to handle this respectfully for yourself.

5 TIPS on how to be Loving with Yourself

  1. Be compassionate with yourself. Acknowledge your feelings. Are you angry? Sad? Why do you feel this way? Acknowledge that your anger/sadness or other feeling is okay.
  2. Of what do your feelings remind you? Can you remember the first time you felt this same way? Was there ever an incident in your childhood where a similar incident occurred? Were you, as a child, able to speak up for yourself and say something? Acknowledge your inner child. Let your inner child know it is okay to feel hurt, confused, misled, or sad.
  3. Give yourself space. Go for a walk/exercise. Talk with a friend. Write a blog post. 😉
  4. Have a plan. Do you feel you need to say something? Would you feel better if you voiced your feelings? Stuffing things inside, acting like it never happened, telling yourself, “I should not be bothered by this,” or “I should be more compassionate,” or anything that starts with “I should” needs examining. Pretending your feelings don’t matter is probably something you learned early, and you deserved more then and now too. Let’s stop stuffing and hiding and feeling invisible.
  5. Remember you are HUMAN. As much as the spirit is all about love, our energy exists in a body of physical matter, and we live in a predominately physical world. You came to Earth to have a physical experience and to learn lessons. Sometimes these lessons are tough, and you wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t handle them.

Every day you wake up, you have a choice. Feel your feelings, and then move on. Look up to yourself. Who do you need yourself to be to set an example? How do you want the example to look? You’ve got yourself, and that’s enough. Step into your power of love now.

Written with love, Lisa Eve

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To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

Poll: Who thinks I am/have:
– Mental health issues?
– Am inspiring?
– Loving?

We all have ‘mental health issues’ as described by the powers that BE – who have given us other self-harming tools to induct into our psyche.

I would say roughly 98% of us have been abused. Even if you grew up in a home where you were loved unconditionally, loving in today’s world might have you going crazy or feeling like you are crazy, especially if you watch the news, or Facebook, or any other variety of ‘feeds’ that focus on the self-i.e., selfies, in FoMO, competition with peers, or thinking high-priced money objects are the answer to being cool – these things that cross our feeds – are like seeds. Water them enough, and they grow.

We have people we look up to – parents, siblings, friends, counselors, entertainers, athletes, politicians, etc., who are also usually suffering or victims of those seeds that have grown. And we think what they say is (the) gospel.

The only gospel that is true is one of love. Nine times out of ten – we are generally not focused on love – or loving ourselves unconditionally. We WANT to love our fellow human beings so we can feel it too. Or receive it. Most of us are STARVING to receive it from our friends, peers, parents, siblings, etc.
How is it shared in your home? Or, how WAS it shared in your home?
Did you even have a home? A physical structure where you could sleep every night and feel safe?
Do you feel safe now? In your body? When you go to sleep? Or do you balance the level of love you have with a measure of fear?
How do they stack up against each other? On some days, is fear stronger than love?

So you see, there is already instability in our ‘regular’ existence. Those powers that be, planting seeds of uncertainty have already won – we are unstable. We have an imbalance – mentally. We’ve all got issues that we are ‘trying’ WANTING to regulate – ALL THE TIME. We wake up in the morning wondering – how will we make this a good day? How will we get through the day?
Maybe, you’ll start the day with gratitude – that you woke up – even that delineates the notion that there was fear that you might not wake up. Or that we are not guaranteed life – so every day you have it – you are lucky. (Where’s the love and security in knowing that we’ll be here ’til we’re not and that THAT is okay?)

Just some things to think about as you call the person sitting next to you on the subway ‘crazy.’ Or, as you judge your son or daughter – thinking they ‘need help.’ Or finding yourself feeling extremely frustrated by the actions that ‘THEY,’ ‘HE,’ or ‘SHE,’ is doing now – whether this is in your personal life or from what you are reading on the news.

I am no different. I encounter people who I think are crazy, and they think the same of me.
But what makes one more or less ‘crazy’ than another? When do we say they have mental health issues? We all do – all varying levels. Just because you didn’t kill somebody today – that doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. Did you kill someone in your mind? Did you release your frustration about someone by hurting yourself? Drinking to excess? Drugging yourself? Playing a video game where all you do all day is shoot dead other characters? Have you eaten today? Skipped meals? Eaten too much?
They are just ways you could be sabotaging yourself – pretending you don’t have issues and that it’s everyone else’s problem- not yours.

We have an abundance of therapies in place to help you with your issue, or issues. Then, once you go – you feel ‘less than’ because now it’s true – you need help to fix yourself, your issue, your mental health, etc. If you don’t get help – have never been in therapy – you will usually resort to finding other stimulants (mostly negative) on Facebook, or other socially accepted forms of literature or expression that enables you to be empowered to call ‘another’ out. Or join a group that makes a joke at someone else’s expense. Or, you might be poisoning your mind/your body with these socially accepted forms of behavior, which still all stem from the seeds – of the intended destructive forces/powers that BE.

Which end of the spectrum do you fall on?
The way we feel better about ourselves is by doing better – by helping where we can; a friend in need, a group of people in need, a random ‘stranger’ – this helps and also feeds the cycle of less/more, love/hurt, better/best, fear/joy.
So before you judge someone, ask yourself –
-Do I have mental health issues?
– Am I inspiring?
– Who loves me? Do I love myself when they don’t?

“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.” – Marilyn Ferguson

Written by Lisa Eve, © Copyright LE Visions LLC DBA Lisa Eve June 21, 2018