“You think you know, but you have no idea.”

Remember the MTV show “Diary?” The slogan and tag line that guests said at the beginning was “You think you know, but you have no idea.”

I know exactly what they were talking about.

People judge me, people judge each other and themselves, constantly. We think we “know” exactly who somebody is by the way they dress, what they eat, where they shop, or even by where they grew up. But that is all BS.

Many people wear masks, to hide their insecurities. If we look good on the outside, no one will know what really happens on the inside. Or even the opposite, some people will diminish their appearance so that no one will mis-judge them, or take advantage of them.

I remember when I was growing up I used to lie about where I was from because I didn’t want to be judged or assumed to have a certain lifestyle just because of the town where I grew up. People judged me anyways. If it wasn’t for one thing, they’d find another.

This still exists today. Nothing has really changed, other than I have become comfortable in my own skin.

When you are secure with who you are, the path you are on and confident in the dreams you have, then you are truly free to be yourself and just BE.

The thing about being comfortable in your own skin is that you start to see who is NOT comfortable in theirs. Jealousy, ego, hate, competition, fear and judgement are all traits in people that you will see, as a result of you living in your own truth.

You can usually spot those people by comments such as:

“You have it so easy.” “You are so lucky.” “I hate you, just kidding.” “You should be careful about what you say and where you go.” “I wish I had your life.” “You can’t have it all, it’s impossible.”

And then there are those who wear a good mask and smile with you, and it’s in what they DON’T say and do, that lets you know they are not on your team. For example, if somebody agrees to do something for you and then doesn’t follow up or honor the agreement, there’s likely an underlying reason. If they never give you a reason why they haven’t honored the agreement, you can be sure they are avoiding you because of some underlying guilt, shame, fear, judgement, ego, whatever, unless they are dead or in the hospital. And even then, it’s possible their fear could have eaten them up inside. (It happens all the time.)

Why am I sharing this with you, especially when I believe we need to focus on the good, happy things in our lives, and place our energy in living our dreams?

It is because even though we do not want to feed more energy into the negative, it is important to know that it’s there.

I used to turn a blind eye to all the negative stuff in the world. I didn’t want to know about it, I didn’t want to feel it in my space, I didn’t want to know that it was happening and I thought that if I focused my energy on what’s “good,” it would all go away. But it hasn’t. People are still fighting wars over EVERYTHING. People think there is lack and limitation in the world, therefore they feel they need to fight for what they believe is theirs, and will hold onto it, even if it kills them. Start to be truthful with the people in your life and you will begin to see people are way more forgiving than you thought or could imagine. You’ll also find out that people are much like you, and may even share a similar journey. So once where there was competition and hate, there could now be camaraderie, understanding, and LOVE.

The truth is that what we really want is to be loved. It’s who we are at the CORE. It’s what we all share in common. If we all supported one another, loved one another unconditionally and wanted to see and help everyone be the best they can be and live their dreams, money would no longer be seen as interference, or the road to success. Can you imagine a world where we love ourselves and others so much that that is all that is being reflected back to us, all the time? It is one of my dreams to live in THAT world.

Money is an object, love is a feeling. Start with what is already inside of you, and build on that.

So, the next time you think you know someone, don’t assume and judge. Instead, why not ask questions and take time to get to know them? You might end up with a new friend, or even a lovah! Ha!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Loving! 🙂