I waited for the hype to calm down. I waited for people’s anger to simmer. All the while I’ve been boiling under the surface.

I’m gonna go there. Go where you ask? Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA’s.

Y’all were so quick to hate on her, point out the absurdity of her performance, judge her and question her life choices.

Well, I’m here to hold up a mirror and let you know, she is a reflection of us. All of us. You can deny it all you want, but we are all connected and we are ALL responsible for our actions, comments, choices and how we treat one another.
Do you really think it was all Miley’s idea to put on that performance? Was it spontaneous, like improv? Do you really think MTV said, “just do whatever you want”? There were many people involved in the production of that performance and I didn’t see MTV blur anything out or cut to commercial. Did you?

I actually waited a few days before I watched the performance. The insanity of commentary on the subject was enough for me to want to stay away, but then I really wanted to know why people felt they had a right to barrage and berate her the way they did. Whatever you hate about her and her performance, somewhere deep down inside, or even on the surface, you hate about yourself. Maybe you hate how you haven’t taken responsibility in your own life for your own choices. Maybe you hate some of the mistakes you’ve made in your life and never forgave yourself for them. Maybe you hate that as a society we have allowed and contributed to have young women believe they are sexual objects. Maybe you hate the way you judge yourself so in order to feel better you feel you deserve to judge others. Whatever the reason, if you chose to participate (and are still participating) in criticizing, belittling or judging your brothers and sisters, you are doing that to yourself as well. And don’t you deserve more? Don’t WE deserve more?

This situation is a mirror for many other similar controversies we are all dealing with right now. I specifically get peeved when I see someone who enthusiastically rallied for President Obama to take office and then turn their back on him the moment he makes a choice that is dissatisfactory, in their eyes. Wouldn’t it be great if one man could solve all the problems of the world, without any of us doing work to support him? It’s like how the nominees needed a team to help them become visible and known. They needed a team to support them. Once a candidate is elected, what happens to the team? It would be nice if the people who voted for the candidate who won, became the team. One man (or woman) cannot do everything alone. We all must work together and show him how we are working WITH him, supporting him, and similarly working with our peers in our own communities. I’d love to know how many folks outside of those who have been elected actually know what it is like to be President? Does anyone ever take a moment and put themselves in the other person’s shoes? You have no idea what that kind of responsibility could possibly look like if you are unwilling to take responsibility for your own life and how your choices also create an outward trend. Are you making choices in your life that resemble the types of choices you would like to see the President make? If you’re not, you can be responsible for contributing to everything we are experiencing right now.

We all came here for a purpose, and in some way, to be of service to one another. Life can be a series of positive momentous occasions, if we choose that.

Why do you think movies tend to end on a high note? Or that in some way, there’s almost always a love/relationship storyline? It’s because we like to feel good. It’s because we all want love and to be loved.
So start by showing yourself some love. Go and do something that you’re passionate about, that makes you feel good. Step up for what you believe in, in a loving way. Start to become a reflection of what you would like to see in the world. Become your own best friend, your own hero, your best supporter.

Be proud of your mirror.


‘Til next time, thank you for reading.