My Love Is Your Love

My love IS your love. We all come from the same place. We all were born with love in our hearts, in our souls, and it is in every part of our bodies. What matters is whether or not you allow yourself to experience the love in all parts of your body.

How often to do look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself? How often do you acknowledge the hair on your head or the smoothness of your scalp? When was the last time you kissed yourself and loved yourself just as you are? Remember when you were little and you got a boo-boo and someone kissed it to make it all better? It felt better after, didn’t it? And if you never had someone do that for you, it’s okay because you can do it for yourself!

Start right now, and look at your hands. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful for all 10 fingers? If you have 10 fingers, kiss them all now and say thank you for being amazing! Especially since they help you type, write, play, get ready in the morning, eat, etc. Continue to do this for all your body parts. I know this could get a little R rated, depending on how you look at it, so just do what feels right for you. 😉 And if you do not have 10 fingers, if you do not have hands, thank whichever body parts you do have and acknowledge them! We are all here for specific reasons, and you, your spirit in your body, however that body looks, is needed here. So, thank yourself for being here, love yourself for exactly who you are and know that you are beautiful in every way! 🙂

I started this blog post because yesterday while I was sitting at the pool in a new bikini that I just LOVE, I was admiring my body, and how it glistened in the sunshine. And then in my head I heard “My love is your love, and your love is my love, it would take an eternity to break us…clap your hands y’all it’s alright” and it just played over and over. I even heard, “My joy is your joy and your joy is my joy…”

It took me a minute to recognize it was Whitney’s song I was hearing and so I just connected in. Whenever I hear music in my head, there’s always a message and I pay attention. Artists are often channeling, whether it’s personal or just an idea, it all comes from somewhere. And music is healing. So, I connected in and asked Whitney to come through and she said, “Thank you for helping me to live on, to still be heard.” I knew I was meant to share her message with you today. As a side note, did you know that our deceased loved ones could still be carrying some regret and insecurity on the other side? Even though they could be in a blissful state and place, if they struggled on Earth with love for themselves, it can come up from time to time depending on where they are in their evolution. So, she asked me to help her music live on, that she is not forgotten. I was like, “Whitney dear, that could never happen.” 😉

So, I was meant to share this specific song with you because it’s true.

You can choose whomever you want to be represented as “your love”, though if you consciously connect within, you know that we are all reflections of one another. And we always have angels watching over us, so “your love” can be those you connect with on a spiritual level; it can be your angels, it can be God, it can be your spiritual teachers, it can be your lovers, it can be your sisters, your brothers, your friends, it can be your family, whoever your family is for you. And you could be talking to yourself too! Your higher self, who is always with you, wherever you go, always guiding you.

So, I’d like to leave you with Whitney Houston’s song and video, “My Love Is Your Love” and ask you to think about who your love is, who are you singing this song to and just let your love pour out!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading & Keep On Loving!!! 🙂