Hi guys! 🙂

I just got back from a girls trip to Disney World!!! What fun!!!
Me and 3 girlfriends made an “adult” trip to visit with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and all the princesses! It was so cool!!! 🙂
Well, one of my long-standing dreams was to have breakfast with the Disney characters! Mind you, I have been to Disney twice before, but never had this dream come true!
I told one of my girlfriends who was planning the trip about my dream and she made it happen!!! Gina, if you’re reading this, you are the BEST! I know I’ve thanked you many times before, but seriously, you went above and beyond and it was super duper, amazing and wonderful what you made happen!
So, to fill you guys in, Gina not only made reservations for us to have breakfast in the CASTLE with the PRINCESSES, but also made dinner reservations at Chef Mickey’s so we could dine with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy! All my Disney dreams complete!!
Imagine this…
It’s a sunny and warm day and at 10a four beautiful and amazing women are walking towards the Disney castle. They are excited, eager, giddy and can’t imagine what is going to happen next. We get to the restaurant and get our Table pass, a laminated card with Cinderella and Prince Charming on it and it has the number 1 written on top. We are told we get a picture with Cinderella as part of our breakfast! So, we get on line with all the other kiddies and wait our turn to pose with Cinderella! Wow! How cool! She looks so pretty in her blue dress.
After all the other kiddies are done with their pictures, we whip out our cameras and take individual pictures with the Princess, lol! This was just too good to miss out! Haha!
Well, it gets better! We are led upstairs to the dining room and are seated at our table, and Snow White is already making her rounds! We got there just in time!!!
But first, the table. At each place setting there was a Wishing Star. I thought it was for the waiter, like when you’re at the Churrascaria, and you either say more food or less with a card on the table. LOL! I didn’t realize the Wishing Star was for me to keep! There was also a wand, Cinderella’s Royal Table Wand to use with the Wishing Star! How perfect! My wish already came true!!! 🙂
So, one by one the princesses come out to greet us…Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Belle! We took pictures with each one! It was so cool! The dining room was pretty too! You definitely knew you were in a castle! The windows were all stained glass, and we still had a beautiful view of The Magic Kindom.
Also, the food was YUMMY! There were fruit cups, assorted pastries, and a full serving of eggs, bacon, sausage, au gratin potatoes, and this yummy fried dough blueberry thing! LOL! Orange juice and coffee was served too. And, if we wanted seconds, thirds, whatever, we got it! The breakfast was definitely magical and perfect!!! So many pictures, fun memories with my friends and another dream fulfilled!!!
It just goes to show, you are never too old to have your childhood dreams come true!!! 🙂
‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Dreaming! 🙂