Restaurant Delivery & Takeout Integrity

When did it become okay for restaurants to skimp on providing excellent food and presentation for Delivery and Take-Out orders? We pay the same money, sometimes more, and yet often times if you don’t open the box or container before leaving or when your delivery guy is there, something is amiss.

This perfectly explains why one time when leaving a restaurant, the girl who is normally so nice and friendly towards me barely looked at me after giving me my take away box. I even put a tip in the tip jar, said thank you and walked out without a word of acknowledgment from her. I thought to myself to look inside, but I did not, and that was my mistake. When I got home and opened the box I said, “What the?!?!” It was a salad in a crispy bowl, one that I’ve ordered often, and know how it is supposed to be presented. What I saw was so sad. All the ingredients were there, but the crispy bowl was half the normal size and looked like it was crushed on one side.

This has happened to me before, in pretty much all the cities I’ve lived in. Almost always something is forgotten, or the portions are smaller, or the wrong food is delivered. That DID happen to me when I was living in NYC. Correct bill, wrong food.

So, I’m just speaking up for all my fellow take-out and delivery folk who can relate. We deserve the same great food, service, and PORTIONS as if we were present. People in the restaurant industry, please have integrity across the board. It makes a difference and could be the difference between having a mediocre business and a great one.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading & happy ordering, eating and enjoying! 🙂