There is NO Competition

There is no competition. I say this over and over when companies interview me to determine if they can provide me with services for my websites. They want to know; who is my competition? And I always say the same, ‘I do not feel I have any.’ This is not an egotistical remark, it is quite the opposite!

Ya’ see, the purpose of life is to make a difference in the world somehow. To be of service, to help our fellow brothers and sisters to achieve something of greater value than when we arrived here. We all have the skills, and we learn as we go on how to implement these skills and live a life we love. The tricky part is that we are still living in a time of great fear. Fear dominates our lives; prohibiting us to move forward towards our dreams with total support and total faith in its assured outcome. What I mean by total support is that while you may have one or two people eager to help, the majority of people will sit back and hide, either in fear of what others will think, or fear of there not being enough money, time, resources or space for everything to coexist smoothly. Fear is a lie. There is an abundance of everything and great teachers and masters know this.

I recently wrote a Newsletter about this Worldly Abundance. Here’s an excerpt, “Just as there is an abundance of Italian restaurants, different models of cars, and an incredible number of white t-shirts, there is an abundance of money to experience it all! Think I’m joking? Take a look at the Fun and Happy Facts! >>>>>

  • All US$ coins and bills in circulation today are worth US$1.2 Trillion! (That’s just USD!) And did you know the World population currently is approximately 7.2 billion? [Ref.]
  • If a person had 10 billion $1 notes and spent one every second of the day, it would take 317 years to spend it all. [Ref.]
  • Over 170 different currencies are used around the world today. [Ref. Hall, Alvin D. 2008. Show Me the Money: How to Make Cents of Economics. New York, NY: DK Publishing]”

So, then why do we compete with one another? It is the fear of not being good enough to make a difference. That your skills, products, invention, ideas, etc., will be overlooked, not valued, unfulfilled and therefore your EGO strikes a chord, a nerve for you to ‘be better’ than somebody else and their ideas, skills, products, ideas, etc. The truth is we ALL have something beautiful we bring to the table. While we may have similar ideas, our imprint is unique. Each individual contributes uniquely. Your energy, and your soul has its own blueprint. So, there is no need to compete. We all like different things, and it is because we are unique, that we CAN create a million different t-shirt lines, have over 75 brands of cars, and have an abundance of Italian restaurants outside of Italy!

If you truly want to make a difference in this world, you will find like-minded people to collaborate with, rather than tear down. We can help each other to experience life at its most magnificent. WE can help each other to enJOY our time here. The goal is to help our world evolve. And it starts with you and your mindset. Look around and you will see abundance everywhere. There is no competition.