I am so happy when I see my friends accomplishing and living their dreams.

I am so happy when I see people in the community support others lovingly, without expectation of receiving something in return.

I am so happy when I read about an event where people are being kind towards one another.

There are so many reasons to be thoughtful, loving, kind, respectful, open-hearted and understanding. So then why do so many people choose to be the opposite? What is the pay-off? What is the reward?

Just because someone else displays negativity, it doesn’t mean we need to emulate.

Choose your words consciously. They can have a lasting impact.

Choose friends who support you, authentically. (Not just ones who like you because they want to ride your coattails.)
Choose friends who celebrate your successes WITH you!

Honor your feelings. If something doesn’t feel good inside, do you need to set a boundary?

Empower yourself. Are you doing things just because others are? Are you choosing your life, rather than letting others choose it for you?

Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Support yourself and know that you deserve to be happy.