Something’s been on my mind for a while.

Let’s talk about Trades.

What is a Trade?

A Trade is an exchange of services without compensation.

When you provide a service that people like and enjoy, someone might approach you one day and ask if you would like to do a Trade. If they provide a service that you feel you would like to experience without exchanging money, you might consider this.

Some questions to ask yourself when someone approaches you for a Trade:

1. Do you REALLY want the other person’s service?

2. Do you need it?

3. Would you pay them for their service?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above, reconsider if it’s worth your time to provide your service for free.

Here’s how I feel about Trades: I do not like them.

For my services, I charge what I feel my time and experience is worth. I also know that when I go into session, it is my responsibility to be fully present and offer the best possible reading/healing that I can. I do this for all my clients, past and prospective. I care about what I do and I love being of service.

I can only hope that when I pay someone else for their services that I am receiving the same type of dedication and passion. And I get to decide whether or not to continue to pay a person for their service.

When it comes to a Trade, the person usually asking for the trade does not want to pay you for your service. So, that begs the question, WHY?

Do they not value your time? Do they not value your experience? Do they not value your service? And if they do not value your time, your experience, and your service, do you think they value their own?

So, consider this when agreeing to do a Trade with someone. If they do not value what you feel your services are worth, will they give you a fair trade? What exactly will you be receiving?

Also, if you have paid for someone’s service and he or she has never paid for yours, and asks for a trade, I would walk away. It’s like they want a freebie and that is already not an even exchange. And there’s no integrity in that.

Don’t underestimate how much your time, experience and service is worth! Don’t let others disempower you! You are gifted and deserve to be compensated what you feel works for you and your business!

‘Nuff said.

Thanks for reading and talk soon! 🙂