Who Wants World Peace?

Do you want World Peace?
Many of you have said you want it, but are you willing to authentically do what it takes to have it?

All that is needed is LOVE.
And this needs to start at home, within you.
Once you have mastered love for yourself, you can love others.
And once you begin loving others, they too can learn self-love and then spread the love.
We can teach each other what it looks like to love one another.
And then we will have World Peace.

But so many of you refuse to love yourselves and thus refuse to love others. Why do you do this?
Do you think you do not deserve love? Do you think it will run out? Do you think it is not real?

If you’ve ever taken the time to not work; to take a bath, to play outside, to watch your kids sleep, to take a nap, to take a vacation to a place you’ve dreamed of visiting; then you know about love.

Self-love requires you to look deep within yourself, to ask yourself what you really need and want right now.
Is it a new job?
Is it a new partner?
Is it to be in a relationship?
Is it to be single?
Is it to live in a new location?
Is it to take a vacation?
Is it to travel around the world?
Is it to love your body just as it is?

Are you beating yourself up for past choices? Are you choosing partners who hurt you? Do you continually find yourself living out the same patterns, repeating conversations that sound like many you’ve had before? Are you tired of the same ol’ same ol’ routine? Are you tired in general? Do you want to avoid life altogether and sleep all the time?

If any of this resonates or has triggered you in some way, it’s time to stop fighting yourself. Be done with suffering.

Every day the sun rises and you wake, you have an opportunity to have a love-filled day.

World peace begins with Self-peace. Having peace within means you know love within.
Take time to get to know yourself, rediscover the love that has always been there and you will feel peace in your heart.

Sometimes we need to grieve to heal, and that’s okay. Let your tears flow, they will cleanse your body and soul. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel, to release what’s been hurting inside. Write your feelings in a journal.

The time is now.
Stop punishing others for the lack of love within. Stop avoiding yourself. If you take the time to really uncover who you authentically are, you’ll be blown away by how amazing you are! How powerful you are! How big your heart truly is! And how there is an endless supply of love for yourself so you can love others abundantly too!

Today can be your day. Today you can be free. Today you can choose YOU. Today you can choose LOVE.

(Please, choose LOVE.)

‘Til next time, thanks for reading, and keep on LOVING! 🙂