Your Degree Doesn’t Matter to Me

Your degree doesn’t matter to me, especially if you’re an unkind person.

I read a great article titled, “I’m a Harvard Graduate and My Partner Is A High School Dropout.” Gina Florio, an Emory and Harvard graduate, talked about the educational pressures she experienced, while in school and in her romantic life. She says, “I spent two years struggling to make a toxic relationship work with a fellow Harvard grad boyfriend. He was exactly the kind of guy I felt like I should be with…” When she met Myles, a high school dropout, her perspective changed, and so did her life.

Degrees don’t separate us, it’s our belief that they do.

We live in a society that places importance on being better than your neighbor, aka competition. And if you are a competitive person, you will often find ways to belittle others, so you can feel better about yourself. This also applies to our education. Whether you have it or not. Whether you went to a “good” school or not. Whether you graduated or not. And when we meet people, socially, romantically or for work purposes, we often ask, “where did you go to school?”

Education is great to have, and, it can come to you in many different ways. Just getting out of your house can be an education. Traveling will teach you a lot. If you don’t like to fly, drive to the next city, next state, or take a train. There are adult classes offered all over the world, and online too. Take classes that are related to your interests. Does it matter what you learn? Yes, because if you love what you learn, you will teach it to others.

Next time you ask someone where they went to school, check in with yourself and be honest, why are you asking?
Your awareness of this simple little question, may have a big impact.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Learning!