Why Kissing a Boo-Boo Makes It All Better

When you were little, did your mom, dad, grandmother or other fantastic human being, kiss your boo-boo when you got hurt? Did you feel better after? Like it was truly going to be okay?

There’s a reason why your boo-boo heals quicker when it’s kissed with love – love heals everything!

Your body responds to the vibration of love. And if you treat your body like it IS a temple – what happens when it needs to be repaired? Do you repair it? How do you repair it? By getting angry at it or do you handle with care?

When you handle yourself with care, you will feel A-O-K. Even if you’re not little anymore, that doesn’t mean the kid in you doesn’t need TLC time. Your body will thank you if you kiss your own boo-boo! It’s not weird, I do it all the time! If I bang my knee on the corner of the table, I will kiss my fingers and put them on my knee. If I hurt my hand, I kiss the area that feels pain. I also let my body know it’s going to be okay, and I instantly feel better!

So, next time you get a boo-boo, kiss it, and make it all better!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and here’s to a body loved by you!