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World Influencers

Let’s talk. I am a Master Healer, and it is my goal to help you be in your best form so you can reach and serve more people with the most impact.

Your vibrational field influences who follows you and how people respond. If you’re not operating in resonance with your soul’s purpose, your message will be distorted. If you’re not listening to your body and taking care of yourself, you will energetically be out of balance.

I work to ease pain; whether it is mental, physical, emotional or even past-life.
Have you been repeating a pattern that is encoded in your ancestral line? If it no longer serves you, we can transform it.

Sessions are offered by phone or Skype (audio only.)
I am also available to fly to your city or meet in a mutually-benefiting city. An in-person session, whether it is 50-minutes or less, or longer, starts at $5,000, plus all travel expenses are to be covered by the client.

For either a Phone Session, or In-Person Session, an initial, free 10-minute consultation is required, and by appointment only. I am happy to speak with an assistant or trusted advisor for the consult.

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