I’m a Published Author!

I’m a Published Author!

After years of procrastinating, I finally did it! I wrote and published a book! And April 14th is the Book Launch!

I wrote this book for you! I was thinking about you and your struggles, your hard times, your disappointments and your deepest fears. I knew what you really wanted was joy, happiness, fun, excitement and a life you’ve dreamed of. And then I remembered how hard it is – because I was once you. I knew that struggle – that fear and disappointment, and like you I had dreams that always seemed so far out of reach. Until one day, when I finally believed and knew I could have a different life. So, I wrote this book to remind you of how wonderful you are and that everything you desire is within you!

Discover Why You are Here and the Lessons You are Meant to Learn

Lisa Eve’s new book, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, takes you on a wondrous journey that answers these ageless questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Lisa Eve is a highly-influential spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. Her heartfelt mission is to lift people up and awaken them to their full potential through authentic inspiration, coaching, and healing. Through The Love Channel and its workbook (included), you’ll be guided to uncover your reason for being, and to accomplish your soul’s mission while living a life you love! With such clarity, you’ll be able to release self-imposed limitations and stop living in fear. You’ll view love and joy as unopened gifts, and recapture the wellspring of happiness that came naturally to you as a child. The Love Channel will fill you with a certainty that all you seek is within you, and ready to flow through your life with abundance.

Thank you for reading and you know, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! Here’s to wishing you great love & happiness!