Sisters & Brothers: Thank You

Sisters & Brothers: Thank You

Thank you to the women who allow me to call you sis or my sister, as that is how I feel even if we fight like sisters sometimes too. I see you as my sister, sometimes as my female counterpart when I can only feel my masculine energy. I need you occasionally to see myself, that I’m not alone, and the power of our femininity.

I know I am a strong woman, a queen, and I see that within you too.
I also see that I trigger you, especially when I call you sis or a sister, and you don’t feel that way because we are not close or I am not the same skin tone, yet I will still stand in and know that I am and always will be your sister.

To my brothers, yes, I have many. I noticed that you don’t always feel like I am your sister; I sense you feel betrayed when I call you my brother or tell you I am your sister because of the same distance or skin tone barrier that you may not let me in.

We are here to help one another. Sometimes it takes a long time to see and feel that. When it’s your turn, you will know.

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To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

Poll: Who thinks I am/have:
– Mental health issues?
– Am inspiring?
– Loving?

We all have ‘mental health issues’ as described by the powers that BE – who have given us other self-harming tools to induct into our psyche.

I would say roughly 98% of us have been abused. Even if you grew up in a home where you were loved unconditionally, loving in today’s world might have you going crazy or feeling like you are crazy, especially if you watch the news, or Facebook, or any other variety of ‘feeds’ that focus on the self-i.e., selfies, in FoMO, competition with peers, or thinking high-priced money objects are the answer to being cool – these things that cross our feeds – are like seeds. Water them enough, and they grow.

We have people we look up to – parents, siblings, friends, counselors, entertainers, athletes, politicians, etc., who are also usually suffering or victims of those seeds that have grown. And we think what they say is (the) gospel.

The only gospel that is true is one of love. Nine times out of ten – we are generally not focused on love – or loving ourselves unconditionally. We WANT to love our fellow human beings so we can feel it too. Or receive it. Most of us are STARVING to receive it from our friends, peers, parents, siblings, etc.
How is it shared in your home? Or, how WAS it shared in your home?
Did you even have a home? A physical structure where you could sleep every night and feel safe?
Do you feel safe now? In your body? When you go to sleep? Or do you balance the level of love you have with a measure of fear?
How do they stack up against each other? On some days, is fear stronger than love?

So you see, there is already instability in our ‘regular’ existence. Those powers that be, planting seeds of uncertainty have already won – we are unstable. We have an imbalance – mentally. We’ve all got issues that we are ‘trying’ WANTING to regulate – ALL THE TIME. We wake up in the morning wondering – how will we make this a good day? How will we get through the day?
Maybe, you’ll start the day with gratitude – that you woke up – even that delineates the notion that there was fear that you might not wake up. Or that we are not guaranteed life – so every day you have it – you are lucky. (Where’s the love and security in knowing that we’ll be here ’til we’re not and that THAT is okay?)

Just some things to think about as you call the person sitting next to you on the subway ‘crazy.’ Or, as you judge your son or daughter – thinking they ‘need help.’ Or finding yourself feeling extremely frustrated by the actions that ‘THEY,’ ‘HE,’ or ‘SHE,’ is doing now – whether this is in your personal life or from what you are reading on the news.

I am no different. I encounter people who I think are crazy, and they think the same of me.
But what makes one more or less ‘crazy’ than another? When do we say they have mental health issues? We all do – all varying levels. Just because you didn’t kill somebody today – that doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. Did you kill someone in your mind? Did you release your frustration about someone by hurting yourself? Drinking to excess? Drugging yourself? Playing a video game where all you do all day is shoot dead other characters? Have you eaten today? Skipped meals? Eaten too much?
They are just ways you could be sabotaging yourself – pretending you don’t have issues and that it’s everyone else’s problem- not yours.

We have an abundance of therapies in place to help you with your issue, or issues. Then, once you go – you feel ‘less than’ because now it’s true – you need help to fix yourself, your issue, your mental health, etc. If you don’t get help – have never been in therapy – you will usually resort to finding other stimulants (mostly negative) on Facebook, or other socially accepted forms of literature or expression that enables you to be empowered to call ‘another’ out. Or join a group that makes a joke at someone else’s expense. Or, you might be poisoning your mind/your body with these socially accepted forms of behavior, which still all stem from the seeds – of the intended destructive forces/powers that BE.

Which end of the spectrum do you fall on?
The way we feel better about ourselves is by doing better – by helping where we can; a friend in need, a group of people in need, a random ‘stranger’ – this helps and also feeds the cycle of less/more, love/hurt, better/best, fear/joy.
So before you judge someone, ask yourself –
-Do I have mental health issues?
– Am I inspiring?
– Who loves me? Do I love myself when they don’t?

“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.” – Marilyn Ferguson

Written by Lisa Eve, © Copyright LE Visions LLC DBA Lisa Eve June 21, 2018

Dear World Wide Web

Dear World Wide Web

Dear World Wide Web,

When I first heard about you, I was in college. I remember being in the school library, ready to begin a research paper. I had heard that I could find out more information about my topic by logging into one of the computers and typing “www” and the title of a page which I believe was supposed to lead me to the information I needed. I was so nervous and scared. What if I walked up to the computer and did it wrong?  You, World Wide Web, at that time, seemed like this “other world” that only a few knew of and existed in. What really existed on the other side? Would it really be easier for me to search for the information I needed rather than browse the 30,000+ books on 4 different floors? I was daunted by the task at hand, to learn something new. A new way of being. A new way of researching. What really was on the ‘other side?’ Would I get lost on the other side? Would it be easy for me to find my way home? Who would I meet there? What would I learn?

That day I didn’t complete my task at hand. I sat on the computer stool, I read the instructions, I even asked for help, and I felt overwhelmed by all the new things I needed to do to connect with you.

Now, about 15 years later, I spend most of my time with you, on the other side. If I’m not sleeping or driving, you can usually count on me visiting with you at some point during my day. I’ve even had days when I couldn’t pull myself away from you! Usually when I wake up, you’re the first place I visit, and when I go to sleep, I check in just to make sure I didn’t miss anything before I drift off into the other, other world.

Well, World Wide Web, you’re not going to be very happy with what I’m about to share.

On November 21st, I had the most amazing day! I spent the majority of the day living on the side from which I was born! The side where I’m connected with nature! (You probably won’t understand what I’m about to share, the experience, so I’ll understand if you become idle after a while and go to sleep.)
My day started with a great and sweaty Yoga session and then I proceeded to enjoy a yummy farm-to-table breakfast outside. After, I had a beautiful walk amongst the trees, I listened to the birds, and I sat by a stream, allowing my feet to connect with the earth. I connected with the beautiful sun, the gentle breeze and all the beautiful energy around me. After a deep inhalation, I was reminded that this exists for me all the time! That I do not have to wait to connect with nature! After my walk, I still wasn’t ready to visit with you yet, so I decided to stop by a private airport nearby where helicopter tours are offered. Lucky me, they had one seat available for an afternoon tour! I quickly jumped at the opportunity and purchased the best seat for viewing all of the beauty – front row, next to the door.

Well, the tour was as breath-giving, as one could possibly imagine. I was moved to tears by the beauty of it all. I continuously thanked God, my Angels, Kaua’i, Hawai’i for allowing me to be part of something so beautiful. I was grateful that I could call Kaua’i home. I was grateful that I was able to see exactly how beautiful nature can be and is. And all of this beauty exists, all the time, and I can see it anytime I want, just by going outside. Just by choosing not to visit with you.

That day, I LIVED. It was an epiphany for me! That I’ve been teaching folks to live, rather than exist, to do what they love. And for the last few years, I’ve been spending most of my time existing with you, World Wide Web, and missing out on the things I love to do. Like traveling, reading books, playing in nature, taking new classes, connecting with and meeting new people by looking them in the eye, shaking their hands,  hugging them and sharing meals with them.

When I came home I thought to myself, “Who can I share this amazing day with? Who will be happy for me, authentically?” The person who came to mind was not on the other side with you. She was someone who appreciates the voice-to-voice connection. And she also doesn’t spend much time with you anymore. In fact, she told me that she just spent 4 days with her family and didn’t pick up her phone once to connect with you. She said she wanted to be fully present in the moment and enjoy herself, and she did just that. And I could completely relate.

Before I went to bed that day, I caved, and I visited with you. I shared with people on your side about my amazing day. And even though a few people “liked” what I shared, it didn’t compare to calling my friend, and sharing the experience with her.

So, as I write this, I wanted to let you know that I will be spending less time visiting with you. I still love being able to share my thoughts with you, as I love to write, I will just be doing so less frequently, and the locations from where I share may change too. As for my businesses that need to stay connected with you, I have asked people who understand my vision to help me. This way I can truly “practice what I preach”, and not just be the teacher. 😉 After all, I was given this gift of life, and what’s the point of receiving this amazing gift, if I’m not going to use it fully and LIVE?

To the people who still love connecting with me through you, they can visit, and this blog will stay up and running, though they might see some changes to it over time. I am a creative person, and that too, has been missing from my life, like arts and crafts! Remember that? Oh no, I don’t think you know what I’m talking about. Well, like the arts and crafts I used to make, my posts might change to include more pictures, maybe even some music, or a video of me talking with you! There is no limit to how fully I can live, so this will be an adventure!

Thank you for being so understanding World Wide Web. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful partnership over the years and I’m truly grateful for all the amazing people I’ve been able to connect with and things I’ve been able to learn, and things I’ve learned about myself!

I’ll see you again soon, I promise! (Though probably later rather than sooner!)

With love and gratitude,

Lisa Eve

September 11th Monologue

Today is a significant day for all Americans, AND everyone in the World. What I’m about to say about this might surprise you.

This morning when I prayed for peace and honored those we lost, I included everyone, including those who took their own lives to make a statement. Not just the men and women who chose to be heroes, I’m talking about the men who chose to be the pilots.

I sent love and peace to the men who had so much hurt and fear in their hearts that they planned their death for years. These men were human beings too, and even though they may have shown the World they wanted people to suffer, it was because they were suffering the most.

Who volunteers to die? Who says, “Choose me, I want to die and make others feel the pain of what I feel”? That’s a lot of pain to be carrying around. It’s those people who we need to love the most. To let them know they are not alone in this world and that they can choose otherwise.

Again, this is a mirror for many other situations happening in the world. For example, Suicide Bombers. What little boy or girl says that when they grow up they want to strap a bomb to their body to prove a point?

Most people want to either, not die or die a quick death. Fear plays a major role in either scenario. And how many times has fear kept you from living the life you want?

It really does come down to love. Loving yourself to know you deserve the best life has to offer, and loving others so they can experience the same.

For all the people who think that justice is served by hurting those who hurt us, think again. Yes, karma has its ways, and let the Divine handle that. When you take matters into your own hands, you are inviting hurt to come back to you, again.

So I sense that while there are many people reliving this day by grieving, there are also many who are very angry and maybe even plotting, or cursing those who hurt them. I ask that when you send peace and love to your loved ones, that you send peace and love to everyone, including yourself. Forgive yourself for any harmful and hurtful feelings or thoughts you’ve had towards yourself and others. Ask that our World learns how to love one another and be at peace with one another, NOW.

We all deserve to live, to be here and to enjoy our time while here. Let’s find ways to enjoy it together, to celebrate together and be a family filled with unconditional love and acceptance.

Blessings to you, your loved ones and to our unborn children about to enter this world.

Thank you.

A Work in Progress…

A Work in Progress…

“Is that a bruise on your leg? Does it hurt?” asked the Nail technician as I was receiving a pedicure. I responded, “No, it’s a vein. I’ve had it there all my life.”

I felt good about saying that.

I remember a time when having that vein-like bruise caused me shame. In fact, I was embarrassed to wear shorts and skirts until about 2011.

My legs have been a huge source of insecurity for me all my life. I’ve had spider and reticular veins in my legs for as long as I can remember. I’ve also had a cyst in one thigh since I was 15. And, in terms of muscle tone, I have to work the hardest on my legs to maintain their strength. I joined the track team in high school mostly because I wanted toned legs and sexy calves. (I liked to run too, but I mostly wanted strong, firm legs.)

Many times during my youth I wished for “perfect” legs. In terms of solutions, all they had during that time was a leg cream that was like a concealer. But it was never an even application and had to be reapplied every day. I also went to the doctor to have my cyst removed, but was told it would leave a scoop in my leg, like scooping out a ball of melon. Rather than risk more embarrassment, I chose to leave it. It’s benign anyway, so the only people I’ve had to explain this weird bump on my leg was with massage therapists or if I became intimate. And yes, that caused a lot of insecurity for me in the area of being intimate.

For some reason though, I never felt to get surgery, or laser treatments when there was a solution for unsightly leg veins. There were many times I’d pass by the offices that advertised that my legs could look beautiful, and still, as insecure as I was, I could never bring myself to make an appointment. I dreamed of a day when I would feel comfortable enough in my own body, just as it was, to show off my legs and be proud.

Thankfully, that day came when I moved to Maui and began strength training. I didn’t actually wear shorts until I felt my legs were “tight” enough to be exposed. What that meant for me was that there was little to no cellulite, and they felt firm. They didn’t need to be rock-solid, just smooth and toned. So, it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I began wearing shorts, skirts and felt sexy. (Crazy, right?) And, with this new found freedom, I also didn’t care about the veins in my legs. I didn’t care who saw what, if it made them uncomfortable or embarrassed for me. I was good. It was a miracle!

The true miracle though, was that day with the nail technician. Why? Because on that day, I was not in my prime “tight” shape. I trained for a while, and then I became very busy with work and I couldn’t do it all. I didn’t have the energy to train as hard, or as much, and my legs were the first to change. So even though my legs were not “perfect” by the media standards, I didn’t care. I rocked what my momma gave me (in some short shorts too) and knew and felt that I was STILL beautiful. Veins, cellulite, a little jiggle when I wiggled, I let it all hang out.

But why would I have to fear or be insecure about my body in the first place? In my last post titled “#Mirror“, I addressed how many people scorned Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA’s. It’s not the first time the media has gone ballistic over what a woman has worn, or not worn in a performance. And sadly, much of our world seems to think that what the Media says, is the “truth.” But how many times does the media scorn a man and how he looks? It’s rare. So we have a bunch of copycats, and misguided young people (who become misguided adults) who don’t know how to think for themselves, or honor themselves and understand that they are beautiful, regardless of what they see in magazines or on the news. It’s sad.

Do you remember back in the day when full-figured women were the predominant images portrayed by painters? A woman just as she was, au-natural, was beautiful, and was considered art. I have learned over the years that men love a confident woman. Period. Rock those lumps, bumps, curves, and everything your momma gave you and trust me, there will be men, (and women) who will find you sexy. It’s not about what the Media finds sexy, it’s what you hold as the truth for yourself.

Additionally, I would like to say that eating healthy and exercising has contributed to me feeling good in my body. I now choose exercises that are in resonance with what my body needs on a whole, rather than choosing to exercise from a place of insecurity.

So as I am a work in progress, so is much of the World. After all, we are a reflection of one another. And isn’t it time we (all) felt good about ourselves? Just as we are? Appreciative of one another and knowing that we are good enough, worthy enough and attractive without having to alter ourselves using non-natural methods? I pray and dream of that day. Do you?

‘Til next time, thanks for reading, and yes, YOU are beautiful.