To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

To Judge or Not to Judge: That is the Question

Poll: Who thinks I am/have:
– Mental health issues?
– Am inspiring?
– Loving?

We all have ‘mental health issues’ as described by the powers that BE – who have given us other self-harming tools to induct into our psyche.

I would say roughly 98% of us have been abused. Even if you grew up in a home where you were loved unconditionally, loving in today’s world might have you going crazy or feeling like you are crazy, especially if you watch the news, or Facebook, or any other variety of ‘feeds’ that focus on the self-i.e., selfies, in FoMO, competition with peers, or thinking high-priced money objects are the answer to being cool – these things that cross our feeds – are like seeds. Water them enough, and they grow.

We have people we look up to – parents, siblings, friends, counselors, entertainers, athletes, politicians, etc., who are also usually suffering or victims of those seeds that have grown. And we think what they say is (the) gospel.

The only gospel that is true is one of love. Nine times out of ten – we are generally not focused on love – or loving ourselves unconditionally. We WANT to love our fellow human beings so we can feel it too. Or receive it. Most of us are STARVING to receive it from our friends, peers, parents, siblings, etc.
How is it shared in your home? Or, how WAS it shared in your home?
Did you even have a home? A physical structure where you could sleep every night and feel safe?
Do you feel safe now? In your body? When you go to sleep? Or do you balance the level of love you have with a measure of fear?
How do they stack up against each other? On some days, is fear stronger than love?

So you see, there is already instability in our ‘regular’ existence. Those powers that be, planting seeds of uncertainty have already won – we are unstable. We have an imbalance – mentally. We’ve all got issues that we are ‘trying’ WANTING to regulate – ALL THE TIME. We wake up in the morning wondering – how will we make this a good day? How will we get through the day?
Maybe, you’ll start the day with gratitude – that you woke up – even that delineates the notion that there was fear that you might not wake up. Or that we are not guaranteed life – so every day you have it – you are lucky. (Where’s the love and security in knowing that we’ll be here ’til we’re not and that THAT is okay?)

Just some things to think about as you call the person sitting next to you on the subway ‘crazy.’ Or, as you judge your son or daughter – thinking they ‘need help.’ Or finding yourself feeling extremely frustrated by the actions that ‘THEY,’ ‘HE,’ or ‘SHE,’ is doing now – whether this is in your personal life or from what you are reading on the news.

I am no different. I encounter people who I think are crazy, and they think the same of me.
But what makes one more or less ‘crazy’ than another? When do we say they have mental health issues? We all do – all varying levels. Just because you didn’t kill somebody today – that doesn’t mean you don’t have issues. Did you kill someone in your mind? Did you release your frustration about someone by hurting yourself? Drinking to excess? Drugging yourself? Playing a video game where all you do all day is shoot dead other characters? Have you eaten today? Skipped meals? Eaten too much?
They are just ways you could be sabotaging yourself – pretending you don’t have issues and that it’s everyone else’s problem- not yours.

We have an abundance of therapies in place to help you with your issue, or issues. Then, once you go – you feel ‘less than’ because now it’s true – you need help to fix yourself, your issue, your mental health, etc. If you don’t get help – have never been in therapy – you will usually resort to finding other stimulants (mostly negative) on Facebook, or other socially accepted forms of literature or expression that enables you to be empowered to call ‘another’ out. Or join a group that makes a joke at someone else’s expense. Or, you might be poisoning your mind/your body with these socially accepted forms of behavior, which still all stem from the seeds – of the intended destructive forces/powers that BE.

Which end of the spectrum do you fall on?
The way we feel better about ourselves is by doing better – by helping where we can; a friend in need, a group of people in need, a random ‘stranger’ – this helps and also feeds the cycle of less/more, love/hurt, better/best, fear/joy.
So before you judge someone, ask yourself –
-Do I have mental health issues?
– Am I inspiring?
– Who loves me? Do I love myself when they don’t?

“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.” – Marilyn Ferguson

Written by Lisa Eve, © Copyright LE Visions LLC DBA Lisa Eve June 21, 2018