Your Degree Doesn’t Matter to Me

Your Degree Doesn’t Matter to Me

Your Degree Doesn’t Matter to Me

Your degree doesn’t matter to me, especially if you’re an unkind person.

I read a great article titled, “I’m a Harvard Graduate and My Partner Is A High School Dropout.” Gina Florio, an Emory and Harvard graduate, talked about the educational pressures she experienced, while in school and in her romantic life. She says, “I spent two years struggling to make a toxic relationship work with a fellow Harvard grad boyfriend. He was exactly the kind of guy I felt like I should be with…” When she met Myles, a high school dropout, her perspective changed, and so did her life.

Degrees don’t separate us, it’s our belief that they do.

We live in a society that places importance on being better than your neighbor, aka competition. And if you are a competitive person, you will often find ways to belittle others, so you can feel better about yourself. This also applies to our education. Whether you have it or not. Whether you went to a “good” school or not. Whether you graduated or not. And when we meet people, socially, romantically or for work purposes, we often ask, “where did you go to school?”

Education is great to have, and, it can come to you in many different ways. Just getting out of your house can be an education. Traveling will teach you a lot. If you don’t like to fly, drive to the next city, next state, or take a train. There are adult classes offered all over the world, and online too. Take classes that are related to your interests. Does it matter what you learn? Yes, because if you love what you learn, you will teach it to others.

Next time you ask someone where they went to school, check in with yourself and be honest, why are you asking?
Your awareness of this simple little question, may have a big impact.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading and Happy Learning!






Why Healthy Food Is Expensive

Why Healthy Food Is Expensive

Why Healthy Food Is Expensive

Have you always wanted to eat healthy and organic, but felt the prices were too expensive? Too expensive to justify eating healthy?

You’re not alone.

When I first began shopping at healthy food stores I was super surprised by the total on my receipt. And even to this day I am often surprised by how much money I spend on organic food.

There are several reasons for this.

While it may be true that it’s a simple explanation of supply and demand, there’s more happening behind the scenes. Just as we are often bombarded with negative news and media, it is much easier to manipulate you by having your health deteriorate from foods that are cheap and easy to consume. The thing is, these foods are not easy on your body, and unfortunately your body has become accustomed to this new way of being, so the cycle continues. And wouldn’t you rather have a fast food meal and be fully satisfied by spending only $5-7, compared to a similar organic meal that could cost $12-18?

However, when you add up your medical/health insurance costs to maintain this way of eating, is it really worth it? There are over-the-counter meds and prescription drugs for everything now, but why would we need all this if we were healthy and the foods we ate were healthy?

There is good news!

Consumer Reports recently did a study comparing prices of Organic and Conventional food, and their findings might surprise you!

According to their study comparing more than 100 products, on average, organic foods were 47 percent more expensive, but in some instances, organic food was cheaper by as much as 13 percent. You can read the whole report here.

Also, a friend recently purchased a lot of organic product from Costco and I was surprised by the amount of organic food Costco supplied! This is great news for everyone, especially since most anyone can have a Costco membership now. And according to this article on Huffington Post, Costco might even be selling more organic product than Whole Foods.

So, if you really wanted to eat healthy, it is possible. Small changes everyday will make all the difference. What can you do today that will help you tomorrow? Research your local groceries for the organic product you would want to buy. Make conscious choices, read labels, and if something doesn’t feel good in your body, leave it!

Here’s to your health!

‘Til next time, thanks for reading & Happy Eating!


Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Children’s Day

Did you have a powerful female in your life, who led you, held you when you were sad or sick, and promised you everything would be alright? If yes, that is great you had such a wonderful role model. Just as there are wonderful examples of what a “mom” can be and has stood for, not everyone had a nurturing, supportive, unconditionally loving mother growing up.

Are you one of the thousands of kids or adults who feel resentment for Mother’s Day? You’re not alone.

What you can be grateful for is life. You are here because a woman chose to birth you. To carry you in her womb, and give you the opportunity to LIVE. And while perhaps some women didn’t treat the womb with love, care and protection, you are HERE and you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others. The circumstances of how you were born or what you were born into do not need to dictate your whole life. Mother’s Day is not about remembering the deeply felt pain of what you didn’t have, it’s about acknowledging your existence and reminding yourself of how loving and wonderful you are!

A woman who does not love herself couldn’t possibly know what it looks like to love another human being. And her life choices may have been sculpted based on her role models, who may not have known self-love either. So if you were the recipient of learning that not all mothers provide love, I AM sending you love.

I want you to know, you ARE loved. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are powerful beyond measure, and you are here for a reason. Even if you were abused, in any way, it’s not YOU that caused that. You may have been an easy target, a mirror, a helpless little child who didn’t have defenses, and that is not your fault. When we are young, we can only hope that the adults, the “big” people will protect us, and that doesn’t always happen. Men and women make unloving choices every day. Wounded children are having children. It’s a vicious cycle that continues to repeat itself, and YOU have an opportunity to end it, for yourself, your future, and your ancestral line. Pray for yourself and for your family. Pray that your family learns to love, and for this, you can be a catalyst.

There is a reason I created The Happy Channel and why I wrote The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness. There is more to life than what meets the eye or what is deeply felt in the heart. Our memories can provide pathways to healing, and understanding.

So, today get in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Or, just say out loud, “I am an amazing human being. I was brought into this world to make a difference. I am not my past, and I can be my own role model. I am strong, beautiful, desirable and I deserve to live a life I love. I am enough and have always been enough. I am loved and everything is going to be okay.”

Self-love is the key to your happiness. Discover your beauty, your big heart, your kindness, and embrace all that is YOU. Mother’s Day, recreate what life means to you.

‘Til next time, thanks for reading, and keep on believing!

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I’m a Published Author!

I’m a Published Author!

After years of procrastinating, I finally did it! I wrote and published a book! And April 14th is the Book Launch!

I wrote this book for you! I was thinking about you and your struggles, your hard times, your disappointments and your deepest fears. I knew what you really wanted was joy, happiness, fun, excitement and a life you’ve dreamed of. And then I remembered how hard it is – because I was once you. I knew that struggle – that fear and disappointment, and like you I had dreams that always seemed so far out of reach. Until one day, when I finally believed and knew I could have a different life. So, I wrote this book to remind you of how wonderful you are and that everything you desire is within you!

Discover Why You are Here and the Lessons You are Meant to Learn

Lisa Eve’s new book, The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, takes you on a wondrous journey that answers these ageless questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? Lisa Eve is a highly-influential spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. Her heartfelt mission is to lift people up and awaken them to their full potential through authentic inspiration, coaching, and healing. Through The Love Channel and its workbook (included), you’ll be guided to uncover your reason for being, and to accomplish your soul’s mission while living a life you love! With such clarity, you’ll be able to release self-imposed limitations and stop living in fear. You’ll view love and joy as unopened gifts, and recapture the wellspring of happiness that came naturally to you as a child. The Love Channel will fill you with a certainty that all you seek is within you, and ready to flow through your life with abundance.

Thank you for reading and you know, DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! Here’s to wishing you great love & happiness!

There is NO Competition

There is NO Competition

There is NO Competition

There is no competition. I say this over and over when companies interview me to determine if they can provide me with services for my websites. They want to know; who is my competition? And I always say the same, ‘I do not feel I have any.’ This is not an egotistical remark, it is quite the opposite!

Ya’ see, the purpose of life is to make a difference in the world somehow. To be of service, to help our fellow brothers and sisters to achieve something of greater value than when we arrived here. We all have the skills, and we learn as we go on how to implement these skills and live a life we love. The tricky part is that we are still living in a time of great fear. Fear dominates our lives; prohibiting us to move forward towards our dreams with total support and total faith in its assured outcome. What I mean by total support is that while you may have one or two people eager to help, the majority of people will sit back and hide, either in fear of what others will think, or fear of there not being enough money, time, resources or space for everything to coexist smoothly. Fear is a lie. There is an abundance of everything and great teachers and masters know this.

I recently wrote a Newsletter about this Worldly Abundance. Here’s an excerpt, “Just as there is an abundance of Italian restaurants, different models of cars, and an incredible number of white t-shirts, there is an abundance of money to experience it all! Think I’m joking? Take a look at the Fun and Happy Facts! >>>>>

  • All US$ coins and bills in circulation today are worth US$1.2 Trillion! (That’s just USD!) And did you know the World population currently is approximately 7.2 billion? [Ref.]
  • If a person had 10 billion $1 notes and spent one every second of the day, it would take 317 years to spend it all. [Ref.]
  • Over 170 different currencies are used around the world today. [Ref. Hall, Alvin D. 2008. Show Me the Money: How to Make Cents of Economics. New York, NY: DK Publishing]”

So, then why do we compete with one another? It is the fear of not being good enough to make a difference. That your skills, products, invention, ideas, etc., will be overlooked, not valued, unfulfilled and therefore your EGO strikes a chord, a nerve for you to ‘be better’ than somebody else and their ideas, skills, products, ideas, etc. The truth is we ALL have something beautiful we bring to the table. While we may have similar ideas, our imprint is unique. Each individual contributes uniquely. Your energy, and your soul has its own blueprint. So, there is no need to compete. We all like different things, and it is because we are unique, that we CAN create a million different t-shirt lines, have over 75 brands of cars, and have an abundance of Italian restaurants outside of Italy!

If you truly want to make a difference in this world, you will find like-minded people to collaborate with, rather than tear down. We can help each other to experience life at its most magnificent. WE can help each other to enJOY our time here. The goal is to help our world evolve. And it starts with you and your mindset. Look around and you will see abundance everywhere. There is no competition.